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Weight loss

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You may recognise Winter Everett as Chantel Jimeno’s younger sister on The Family Chantel but you may also be aware of her incredible weight-loss transformation. The reality TV star recently celebrated her slimming success on Instagram by comparing before and after pictures.
Fans can’t believe how different she looks, especially in the face, after losing more than 50lb. Reality Titbit has details on her weight-loss journey as well as the before and after pictures, check it out.
After going through a tumultuous break-up with fiancé Jah, Winter decided to focus on herself and start her weight loss journey. In the past few months, fans have been blown away by the transformation. 
To showcase her 50lb weight loss so far, Winter posted past photos to show how slim her face looks now. Winter admitted her face used to be puffy but the new pictures show a defined jawline and slimmer cheeks. 
Winter captioned the video: “Wow! What a difference” with the hashtag “transformation Tuesday”. She is clearly very proud of her transformation – and so she should be! Click here to see the video!
Winter Everett Displays Stunning Weight Loss, Delights The Family Chantel Fans
Winter’s fans made it very clear in the comments section just how proud they are of the reality TV star and she has received immense praise from audiences for her hard work. One fan said:
Great job! Weight-loss struggles are real.
Another said, “Always gorgeous! Congratulations on your hard work and determination.” A third fan wrote: “You have the greatest glow. Just naturally beautiful!!!!”
Winter looks very different compared with her appearance in the last season of the show but that doesn’t mean she has stopped her weight-loss journey. It appears she’s still working hard towards her goals. 
Winter’s Instagram feed is full of motivational videos as well as gym and workout videos. Fans can see her regularly working out at the gym and striking yoga poses on her Instagram. 
It seems Winter’s fitness goal isn’t just to lose weight but to improve her overall health as well. Everett also loves to post motivational quotes to help fans who are also trying to achieve their own weight-loss goals. 


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