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Weight loss

Tanvee’s mantra is ‘eating right, and eating smart’. You still can be the fittest version of yourself without compromising on your favorite foods. 
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When it comes to losing weight, we try everything under the sun to be in shape. Taking suggestions from friends, watching tons of videos, and reading magazines, we try to incorporate every step mentioned in every source in our weight loss plan. But at the end of all this hard work, skipping your favorite meals, you hardly to get see any positive result.
And that’s why consulting a dietitian and having a personalized diet plan is extremely necessary if you truly wish to lose weight. Tanvee Tutlani is a certified dietitian and nutritionist who is on a mission to change people’s lives in a healthy way. She firmly believes lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in achieving your weight loss goals. Also, Tanvee’s mantra is “eating right, and eating smart”. You still can be the fittest version of yourself without compromising on your favorite foods. 
Here’s why you must have a personalized diet plan for your weight loss journey
1.    Customized as per your lifestyle
A personalized diet plan fits into your lifestyle and schedule. You will not have to take out extra time from your busy schedule to make those special recipes for yourself. A dietitian helps to make the correct diet chart knowing your lifestyle habits and routines. So, it becomes easier for you to follow, and you see the results quicker. 
2.    Food as per your body type and preference
Everyone is different and everyone requires a different diet plan. Following blindly someone else’s diet will never help in your weight loss journey. A dietitian does thorough research on your body type, what kind of food suits you, and what will work for your body. Also, they keep in mind your food preferences while making the diet plan, so you don’t feel forced to follow it. A customized diet plan will solely work for your body type. 
3.    Quicker results
When you start feeding your body the right food, and the right nutrition, it also starts reacting positively. Since a customized diet plan includes all necessary nutrition as per your body type and preference, your body responds much better. So, your weight loss journey becomes more pleasurable as you get to see results really quick. 
4.    Improvement in your overall health
Weight loss is a journey and during this process, once you adopt healthy dietary habits for yourself, it improves your overall lifestyle. Since these personalized diet plans are sustainable easy to follow and more effective on the body, you see a significant change in your health. Getting your customized plan helps in the long run as it makes you healthier physically and mentally. 
Now is the time to avoid listening to anything and everything that everyone says about your weight loss journey. Remember the journey is yours and hence you need a diet plan which is unique only to you. 
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