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Hold up. Does this mean it’s okay to think the Jason Derulo cat is hot?
Let’s get this out of the way: I don’t think anybody was ready for there to be a live-action version of the musical Cats. Yes, Hollywood has been busting out real(ish) remakes of movies nowadays (*ahem* The Lion King and The Little Mermaid *ahem*) and, sure, Beyoncé was a very convincing cat…BECAUSE THE CAT WAS PLAYED BY A CAT, PEOPLE. Welp, these moviemaking felinophiles went ahead and hired real, life-size humans to star as the cats of Cats, and folks, before feasting your eyes on these side-by-sides, consider the ancient wisdom originally spoken by Socrates Samuel L. Jackson himself: Hold on to your butts.
The American Idol alum plays the infamous Grizabella, the glamour cat of the movie—a main character in the film. An ex-member of the Jellicle tribe after being exiled by them, she attempts to find acceptance and forgiveness.
Host of The Late Late Show With James Corden, James takes on another musical role as a cheerful cat who you’ll always catch wearing a black and white tuxedo. His character is known to frequent gentlemen’s clubs and enjoys spending his time fine-dining. If he ever crosses paths with mischief, though, he’s always the first one to back away from it.
Victoria, the beautiful white kitten with a very timid and shy personality, finds and joins the Jellicle tribe while roaming the streets. Throughout the movie, Victoria tries to find herself and figure out the ways of life within this community she is now a part of.
The singer known for his hit singles like “Whatcha Say” and “Talk Dirty” is now making an appearance in Cats as Rum Tum Tugger, also known as the ladies’ man. Andrew Lloyd Webber, the creator of this musical, was actually inspired by Mick Jagger to create this character who has a rock-star kind of personality and loves to flirt with the women.
An older and sickly cat who’s highly respected for his acting career, Gus the Theatre Cat is played by Ian McKellen. Now way past his spotlight days, Gus suffers from “palsy,” which is a condition that causes his hands to shake. But as the movie goes on, he gains back his confidence and voice, allowing him to tell his story.
Lazy yet strong and loyal is exactly who Jennyanydots is. Behind all the fur, the character is played by Rebel Wilson. Jennyanydots is the homemaker of the Jellicle tribe, and she naps all day and rules the mice and cockroaches at night. A very organized kitty, she is also extremely protective of her kittens, especially Grizabella.
Judi plays Old Deuteronomy, the kind and mighty leader of the Jellicle tribe. Because they’ve lived for many years and seen so much of the world, Old Deuteronomy is very wise and well respected by most Jellicles. Although they do have to take things slow because of their age, they still have all the capabilities to sing and dance like everyone else. Old Deuteronomy uses their psychic powers to guide their dear Jellicles through the motions of life.
The troublemaker of the movie, Macavity, is portrayed by Idris Elba. In the movie, he’s known by humans and cats to be a cheating escape artist who is never up to any good. He has magical powers that allow him to transport and psychic abilities, which he uses to his evil advantage against the Jellicles.
Taylor Swift plays Bombalurina in Cats, the flirtatious and most flamboyant out of all the members of the Jellicle tribe. She’s always trying to make a move on Rum Tum Tugger, even when he shuts her down. She is a self-confident and diva-like kitty who doesn’t have the greatest opinions about Grizabella.
Mistoffelees is described as a young, very mysterious, and sharp-witted cat who often finds himself getting into some mischievous situations. Throughout the movie, he is learning more about himself and what his magical powers can do.


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