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Each year, approximately 6.3 million animals enter shelters across the U.S. One way you can help increase an animal’s odds of adoption and prevent shelters from becoming too full is by fostering. 
Since June is National Foster a Pet Month, it’s a great time to think about becoming a foster parent. Here’s what you need to know about the process:
Finding the Right Foster Fit 
Although fostering pets is extremely rewarding, it does require significant time and energy. So, think about your lifestyle and how a foster pet might fit in. 
For instance, if you commute into the office every day, you’re probably not the best fit for a puppy, a pet who isn’t trained or one recovering from an injury or illness. Or, if you’re very physically active, you’re probably a great fit for an athletic dog with lots of energy. By doing a bit of self-reflection, you can help your shelter pair you with the right pets and avoid too much re-homing.
Preparing Your Home  
Your shelter should provide many of the basics your foster pet will need, like food, collar/leash and a crate, it’s important to ensure your home is a safe place for fosters. 
First, be sure to pet-proof your home by cleaning up any small or potentially harmful objects; moving or covering electrical cords; covering trash cans, installing child-proof latches to cabinets with chemicals or medications, moving plants out of reach; and keeping toilet lids, dryers and washers closed.
Next, consider stocking up on products that can help make fostering a bit smoother, like a baby gate, dog brush, cleaning products, toys and training treats.
Getting Started
If you feel like you’re ready to try fostering, connect with a reputable rescue group in your area through a resource like Petfinder, ASPCA or even your local pet retailer. Be sure to do your research by talking to employees at the facility and other foster parents who have worked with the organization before. 
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