Westminster Dog Show 2022: Here are 17 great pictures of the show as Trumpet becomes the first Bloodhound to win Best in Show – The Scotsman


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Taking place at the Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, New York, nearly 3,500 dogs took part in the USA’s answer to Britain’s Crufts.
Winners from each breed were then put forward into the best of group competitions, with those seven perfect pooches competing for Best in Show.
The eventual champion was Trumpet the Bloodhound who became the first of his breed to win the grand prize in the history of the event – the second-oldest continuous sporting event in the USA after the Kentucky Derby.
To do so he defeated a French Bulldog, a German Shepherd, a Maltese, an English setter, a Samoyed and a Lakeland terrier.
And after his win he joined owner Heather Helmer on a trip to the top of the Empire State Building to take in the view and get some pictures taken.
Here are the main winners, and 17 photos of all the canine action.
Best in Show winner: Trumpet (Bloodhound)
Reserve Best in Show: Winston (French Bulldog)
Hound group winner: Trumpet (Bloodhound)
Toy group winner: Hollywood (Maltese)
Non-sporting group winner: Winston (French Bulldog)
Herding group winner: River (German Shepherd)
Sporting group winner: Belle (English Setter)
Working group winner: Striker (Samoyed)
Terrier group winner: MM (Lakeland Terrier)
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Westminster Dog Show Best in Show Winner Trumpet the Bloodhound and Heather Helmer enjoy the view from the Empire State Building.
Photo: Roy Rochlin
Heather Heather Helmer and Trumpet the Bloodhound sit in the winners circle after winning Best in Show at the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show at the Lyndhurst Estate.
Photo: Michael M. Santiago
A Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the Judging Area during the (Hound and Herding) Breed Judging at the 146th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
Young Choi grooms her Standard Poodle during the (Toy, Terrier and Non-Sporting) Breed Judging at the 146th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.


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