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There is no one we know who doesn’t want to maintain a healthy weight; whether they do anything about it or not is another thing. Many of us try to follow a healthy diet and workout regime to come down to our ideal weight, but may or may not succeed. Many factors come into play that determines the  success or failure of our weight loss efforts. Are you one of the unfortunate ones who have been trying to lose weight but are not satisfied with the results? You may be wondering what you are doing wrong or not doing right. Wouldn’t it be great to get some help from pros who have successfully achieved their own weight loss goals? 

We came across a recent study carried out by ‘Obesity: A Research Journal’, which surveyed more than 6000 people who lost more than 50 pounds and maintained their weight for a long time. The participants were asked to answered open-ended questions about weight-loss triggers, current motivations, strategies, and experiences. The study shared the secret tips of these people that help them follow a healthy diet. 

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Low calorie foods help with weight loss. 

Weight Loss Diet Tips Revealed By Real People: 

Low calorie foods help with weight loss. 

1. Eating a lower-calorie diet and engaging in high levels of physical activity: Low-cal foods help greatly in reducing fat deposits in the body. High-calorie intake is deemed as the biggest culprit in the event of weight gain.  

2. Keeping low-calorie foods accessible: There are many low-cal foods readily available in the market. Following a low-cal diet becomes easier when you keep them handy in your kitchen pantry. Here is a list of common low-cal foods you can include in your diet.

3. Setting daily intake goals: It always helps to make your diet chart in advance and set a daily intake limit that you wouldn’t want to cross. This will let you eat the ideal amount of food without overeating. 

4. Food tracking: Weight-loss maintainers described tracking food intake as an essential skill within a healthy lifestyle. (track, eat, change) 

5. Frequent self-monitoring: Of course, you’ve got to monitor your progress and review it from time to time in order to make necessary changes in time.  

The participants also shared psychological strategies to stay on track. These include cognitive restraint and frequent practice of healthy coping skills such as “thinking about past successes” and “remaining positive in the face of weight regain”. “Perseverance” reflected an approach that encouraged never giving up, taking it day by day, and embracing the journey,  and setting long-term goals.  

Do you think these tips will help you in your weight loss journey? Do you want to share your own experiences with us? Please share in the comments section below.  

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