WATCH: Sofia Carson’s ‘Purple Hearts’ is a ‘Fake/Pretend Relationship’ Romance & We’re Here for It – Remezcla


Actress and singer Sofia Carson (Descendants franchise) wears her heart on her sleeve in the upcoming romantic drama Purple Hearts.
Directed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum (Ramona and Beezus), the film tells the story of Cassie (Carson), an aspiring singer and songwriter with various health issues. To help her overcome her medical needs, Cassie and a troubled Marine named Luke (Nicholas Galitzine) decide to get married, so Cassie can take advantage of his military’s health benefits. When Luke is injured while serving his country, however, the dynamic of their relationship begins to change into something more meaningful.

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In the first trailer for Purple Hearts, we watch Cassie and Luke get married in an intimate ceremony where everything looks like your normal, traditional wedding. Cassie and Luke, however, aren’t in love. Both their stories are told through a series of letters they are writing to one another.
Cassie lives for music, but her “medical problems get in the way” every time she tries to sit down and write something. Luke is also serving his country overseas and looking to earn his father’s respect since he was in the military. Once they get to know each other, the two devise a plan to get married, so Cassie can use Luke’s health insurance.
“If we do this, we have to make this look normal, like a real marriage,” Luke says. “Give you a year of free health insurance.”
When Luke is wounded in action, he returns home where Cassie is waiting for him. The two decide they will work through Luke’s rehabilitation together.
Along with starring in the film, Sofia Carson, who is of Colombian descent, also serves as an executive producer and writes and performs the original song “Come Back Home” on the soundtrack.
Purple Hearts premieres on Netflix July 29, 2022.


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