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It’s the little things that keep your home together. I know. That sounds hyperbolic. However, by repairing that leaky faucet, cleaning your gutters, and weatherstripping your windows, you can prevent…
It’s the little things that keep your home together. I know. That sounds hyperbolic. However, by repairing that leaky faucet, cleaning your gutters, and weatherstripping your windows, you can prevent more significant problems, such as severe water damage.
Simple maintenance, beyond checking that everything works, can also extend the life of your appliances and systems that maintain your home. You can also save money by performing regular maintenance. Additionally, it reduces the threat to your family’s safety.
A survey by the real estate marketplace Zillow found that 75% of pandemic-era homebuyers regretted their decision. The top regret? Buying a house that needed more maintenance than they anticipated
Although managing your home repairs can seem daunting and expensive, there isn’t always a need to spend money on these expenses. It is usually just a matter of remembering to do these chores. What is difficult is knowing what needs to be done to maintain your house at what time.
So, the easiest solution? Utilize your online calendar to remind yourself of the most important, common home maintenance tasks. If you schedule home projects of all sizes, from small touch-ups to whole-room remodels, you’ll be able to accomplish them faster and more easily. And, this is how your time-management tool can help.
Even if your week is jam-packed, you can still incorporate daily house cleaning into your schedule. But how? Through your online calendar.
Start by assigning certain chores to specific days of the week. By doing so, your to-do list will become less overwhelming. As a result, your cleaning tasks will be more manageable.
For an example of what a little strategic planning can accomplish, check out the following house cleaning checklist.
The frequency and season of your tasks can be noted either online or offline. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to do things. In other words, you can do things when and how it works for you and your family.
But, to get you on your way, you can use this house maintenance calendar to keep track of monthly, quarterly, and annual activities. Also, to ensure you don’t forget, use calendar reminders.
There are different times of the year to perform annual home maintenance. It’s important to prepare your house for each season. In order to do so, regular maintenance must be performed.
Home improvement professionals can make all the difference. Your home’s foundation is protected by pest control by keeping away bugs and critters. Plumbers can stop leaks from causing mold. And, HVAC specialists ensure that your home remains comfortable and is energy efficient.
Here’s the problem. Last-minute bookings of home professionals can be stressful. It’s better to contact them before an emergency arises. And, ideally, you should also book them when they aren’t as busy. For example, why wait to schedule your annual chimney cleaning until November? Instead, make an appointment when they have more availability, like in August or September.
In that sense, you can schedule appointments in advance thanks to your online calendar. Additionally, a calendar is an excellent record-keeping tool. With digital home repair scheduling, you can look backward to see when your roof was last replaced, for instance.
You can have trouble making home repairs if you don’t have the funds. The best way to deal with emergency repairs is to budget for them. A good way to budget is to use your online calendar.
With an online calendar, you can start your home-improvement fund easily. Put a reminder in your pay period to add a little to your fund. You won’t be caught short of funds by a surprise home repair if you set aside just $100 per month.
Nonetheless, when you are planning your home repair budget, the 1% rule of thumb is a good place to start. “Using 1% as a rule of thumb for home maintenance is actually a great example of when the common wisdom for something is pretty spot-on,” according to Mischa Fisher, a chief economist at HomeAdvisor and Angi.
According to Fisher, the numbers are reasonably accurate. “Our latest’ State of Home Spending’ report has average [annual] upkeep spending at $3,192, roughly 1% of the median home value in the U.S., which is a little over $300,000.”
You can better handle stress when you manage your time effectively. As an example, if your schedule is organized, an unexpected issue at home, such as a broken pipe, or clog will not catch you by surprise.
While time management can be improved in many ways, the end goal remains the same. You want to be in control more of your time. Getting to bed earlier or arranging childcare more efficiently might help you make better use of your mornings. But, I’m also big on not cluttering your calendar as well.
What does that mean? Well, it simply means leaving some blocks of time wide-open. So, if there is an emergency at home, that’s when you can attend to it. More importantly, when you have some free time on your hands, you can get a head start on a home repair. Or, maybe you can do a quick inspection that makes sure that everything’s in tip-top shape.
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