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Many dogs see postal workers as a threat. From a canine perspective, it looks like mail carriers are trespassing and leaving suspicious letters or packages for their humans almost every day. This seemingly relentless behavior would be pretty alarming for a dog that doesn’t understand what’s really happening is totally innocent. And some protective pups even take it upon themselves to destroy letters that come through the door. However, many UPS delivery drivers have made it their mission to show their neighborhood dogs that they mean no harm.
A Facebook page and Instagram account called UPS Dogs features tons of adorable photos and videos of canines greeting their local UPS parcel carriers. “UPS drivers deliver packages all day long,” reads the Facebook page description. “During each day, drivers encounter many dogs, most friendly and some not so nice. When time permits, drivers snap a photo and send it to UPS Dogs.” From mailmen cuddling bundles of puppies to drivers getting licked on the face, each photo showcases how dogs really are a (mail)man’s best friend.
The pages have been running since 2013 and have since gained a huge audience who can’t get enough of UPS Dogs’ wholesome content. The page admins explain, “Our followers love the photos and the stories told as we share our love of these special relationships with these lovable creatures.”
Check out some of the latest photos and videos from UPS Dogs below and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for even more adorable updates.
A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs)
A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs)
A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs)
A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs)
A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs)
A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs)
A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs)
A post shared by UPS Dogs (@upsdogs)
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