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Lori Harvey is breaking her silence after calling it quits with actor Michael B. Jordan earlier this month. “Nugget” and “Turtle” going their separate ways was a plot twist many fans didn’t see coming. But in an interview with Us Weekly, Harvey said she isn’t giving up on love just yet, gushing over the bond between her parents Steve and Marjorie Harvey.
“They have the best love, they’re so supportive of me and, you know, just always here for me, whatever I need. So they’re great. I love them,” the 25-year-old beauty said.
Her parents have been married since 2007.
“They’re definitely my couple goals. I literally was just talking to my mom on the phone earlier and she was telling me what she got my dad for their anniversary tomorrow and I’m like, ‘Wow, you guys are literally goals,’” she said. She continued, “This is what I want one day.”
As for what makes her parents’ relationship goals and long-lasting?
“Their biggest thing I think is making communication key. Being on the same page. Like maintaining a friendship,” she said. “Still liking each other after so many years because of course the love is always going to be there but being able to be like, ‘I really like this person, I like hanging out with them, I have a good time with them. I can laugh and just kick it and hang out.’ That’s really important.”
Lori and the Black Panther star went public with their relationship in January 2021 and dated for over a year. They certainly owned the #couplegoals hashtag during their reign. Some thought that the relationship would lead to marriage, especially as he was in so good with her parents, but that wasn’t the case.
For the record, Steve still thinks his daughter’s famous ex is a “cool guy.”
“It’s a breakup. I’m pretty sure they’ll be fine. People break up all the time. I just wish I could have broke up without the cost factor!” the author and TV host said.
“Look, as long as everybody can walk away in peace, be friends. I ain’t heard nobody say they busted no windows or nothing. As long as you don’t put your hands on my daughter, I don’t give a damn what you do.”

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