The Talk’s Sheryl Underwood shows off 95-pound weight loss in sexy purple dress and heels on live TV for 5… – The US Sun

SHERYL Underwood showed off her recent weight loss by wearing a 'very clingy dress' on The Talk to mark her 59th birthday.
Presenter Sheryl crossed her legs for the very first time on CBS chat show on Friday as she showed off her figure in the bright purple garment.
In a clip shared by The Talk's official Twitter account, Sheryl told the live audience: "I've made significant lifestyle changes, I was not healthy and I wanna live a long, long time and I wanna be sitting on this stage a long, long time…"
As the audience applauded her, Sheryl continued: "So I worked hard with my doctors, I did what I needed to do and I just wanted to be able to put on a very stylish, but clingy dress to symbolize all the work that I've put in.
"And now I'm about to do something that I have never done on this show since I've been here on The Talk, and I haven't done in about 25, 30 years, I'm about to cross my legs!" she added.
Sheryl's co-stars and the live audience went wild as she put one leg over the over and grinned from ear-to-ear.
The Talk captioned the tweet: "We’re proud of you @sherylunderwood #happybirthday #birthdaygirl #birthdayparty."
Fellow Twitter users and fans replied to the tweet and were full of praise for Sheryl.
"I think she is a very beautiful person inside and out and I am so happy for her that she's made some Life changes," one person said.
Another wrote: "HaPPy BiRthDAy Sheryl. It brings tears to my eyes to see how awesome you are looking now!! Be blessed my sister."
A third commented: "Sheryl, you are such an inspiration for so many of us struggling to lose weight. Congratulations! You look amazing."
And a fourth person added: "Yay Sheryl!!! So happy for your wellness journey. You are radiating joy!"
Sheryl shocked fans when she revealed her dramatic weight loss during the season 13 premiere of The Talk in September.
She lost 90 pounds having once considered getting gastric bypass surgery.
Sheryl spoke to PEOPLE about her weight loss journey recently.
In the last year and a half, the co-host was diagnosed as diabetic, pre-diabetic, hypertension, and more, as she weighed between 230 to 250 pounds.
"I really wanted to get ahead of it," she told the publication.
"I knew I was gaining weight. I could see it, and I knew that something was happening with my health … And for the years that I've been here, you can go back through all of the footage, you've never seen me cross my legs."
She began to take Metamucil to clean out her gut and her digestive tract.
Sheryl even began considering surgery to lose weight and talked to every doctor and specialist possible.
However, she didn't lose enough weight for the insurance company to fix it.
When the host went to get her colonoscopy, her doctor suggested Wegovy, an injection she began taking weekly.
It helped to suppress her appetite and jump-start her weight loss program.
Along with the injection, she helped to take care of her disabled sister, got more sleep, drank more water, exercised more, used portion control and ate better to help with her journey, dropping four dress sizes.
Speaking about finding the perfect garment for last Friday's episode, she said: "I wanted a dress that really showed the work that I've put in this and to show the audience and the world, 'You can do it too'.
"Pick a dress, pick a suit, that is your goal, and work toward that goal," she continued.
"If I've worked hard on my body, I want to walk into church and all them saints fanning like, 'Oh, she look good'.
"I want to walk into my office, 'Oh my gosh, she look good.' I want to walk into the club or the restaurant and everybody's head turn and that's what I want. That's how I feel, because when you look good, you feel good."
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