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The Family Chantel star Winter Everett has been very open with fans about her weight loss journey, including the latest diet hack she tried out.
Winter Everett has been revealing her weight loss journey to The Family Chantel fans, and the younger sister of Chantel Jimeno was eager to share her latest dieting hack with her followers. The 27-year-old Atlanta beauty has slimmed down significantly over the past year and a half due to a combination of weight loss surgery and lifestyle changes. The Family Chantel star Winter recently shared her newest dieting secret with her fans as she continues to publicize her weight loss.
After reaching over 300 pounds and struggling with her weight since childhood, Winter decided to make a change. The growing influencer elected to get a gastric sleeve surgery, a process which she filmed for her followers during the current season of The Family Chantel. While Winter decided to make her weight loss surgery public on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show, she also keeps her followers updated about her meal and exercise plans on social media. Many Family Chantel fans enjoy keeping up with Winter’s weight loss progress, as she is always upbeat and positive about her journey.
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Winter has shared her many trips to the gym and her healthy and proportional meals with The Family Chantel fans. However, her latest weight-loss hack was a bit more unusual. Winter took to her Instagram page to share a video of her trying an Internet hack for a healthier alternative to Coca-Cola. Winter informed her fans that she was trying a new trick to make healthier cola by mixing balsamic vinegar with sparkling water. Winter paired flavored sparkling water with vinegar on camera to offer her verdict on the TikTok trend. “I currently do not drink Coke at this time,” Winter clarified. “I do remember how refreshing the Coke was sometimes,” she also admitted. Winter added that she mostly drinks sparkling water and some juice.
Winter informed her fans that she liked the mixture, though it did not taste like Coke. However, some commenters thought that The Family Chantel star Winter’s face betrayed her real feelings. “Girril, that face you made after you took a gulp said ‘This taste like s***,’” one commenter wrote to Winter. “It was just surprising LOL,” Winter wrote back. While Winter’s soda hack might not have appealed to all of her followers, her fans nonetheless appreciate her being open about her weight loss. “You’re so beautiful Winter and I love your whole energy,” another fan wrote. Winter often receives such supportive comments, as her contagious energy and low-drama personality have led to her being incredibly popular among The Family Chantel viewers.
While many viewers are eager to witness Winter’s weight loss surgery in The Family Chantel season 4, her story will also feature her looking for love. Winter and her long-term partner, Jah, split during season 3 after Jah brought up polygamy, and Winter was opposed to the idea. Winter will now be dating for the first time publicly after having healed from her heartbreak. Since Winter has been in a relationship for many years, many Family Chantel fans are eager to witness her exploring the single life in the new season.
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