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Season 4 of “Stranger Things” has fans frantic about the show, and one thing viewers love to indulge in is the romance that comes with fighting monsters. With new villains and adventures come new flings to follow as the show progresses, so here’s the Clog’s power ranking of those iconic “Stranger Things” ships.
Warning, heavy spoilers ahead.
10. Karen and Billy
Undoubtedly, Karen and Billy deserve the lowest ranking of all the show’s pairings. Not only is a relationship between a grown woman and a teenage boy weird enough, but the fact that she’s married with children adds the cherry on top of a garbage sundae. All in all, it makes them the worst “Stranger Things” ship. Next!
9. Robin and Vickie (#Rickie)
The only reason this adorable pair is so low on the ranking is that they’re not actually a couple… yet? Although not an official relationship, fans can’t help but adore Robin’s crush on Vickie. Their cute moment at the end of the fourth season made the ship even more powerful, earning them a place in this power ranking.
8. Steve and Nancy (#Stancy)
I already know I’m going to get some heat for this one, but what’s a power ranking without a bit of controversy? Although many fans love Steve and Nancy together, they’re just not meant for each other. Steve and Nancy just don’t have much in common or want similar things. They look good together, and their history adds to that — but, to be completely honest, they both deserve better.
7. Nancy and Jonathan (#Jancy)
Arguably, Jonathan and Nancy are a much better fit than her and Steve. Yet, they’re ranked seventh because their dynamic at the beginning of the show was so much better than the one now. In the last couple of seasons, we barely got any form of connection between the two. I still love them. I’m just disappointed in how they turned out.
6. Will and Mike (#Byler)
Again, not an actual couple — but with how much traction this ship is gaining online because of Will’s implied feelings for Mike, they had to be in the ranking. The idea that Will’s been in love with Mike for their entire friendship is heartwarming. Their connection in Seasons 1 and 2 was genuine, but that friendship has flopped in the last two seasons. I hope they grow closer in Season 5 because I do love their relationship.
5. Joyce and Bob (#Boyce)
Bob and Joyce were the cutest couple in the second season. Bob’s attempts at getting close with her children were very respectable, and he’s what Joyce deserved after her hardships. His death was painful not only for Joyce, but also for fans who grew to love Bob the superhero.
4. Eleven and Mike (#Mileven)
Mike and Eleven have had feelings for each other since the beginning. The two always find their way back to each other. Although moments get rocky within the relationship, Mike and Eleven always know they have each other’s back. My only criticism is that with Mike’s love for Eleven comes his mistreatment of his friends, and I’m hoping that changes in the next season.
3. Dustin and Suzie (#Duzie)
As the geniuses of the bunch, Suzie and Dustin are the epitome of relationship goals. How many girls do you know who will hack a school’s computer system to change her man’s grade? Not many. These two are so dedicated to each other that they make long-distance look easy. Their adoration for each other and their extreme compatibility earn them a spot in the top 3.
2. Hopper and Joyce (#Jopper)
The slow burn of this “Stranger Things” ship made every fan yearn for their reunion in the recent season. Hopper and Joyce knowing each other since they were teenagers makes their love story all the more endearing. With the amount of mayhem these two endured together, it’s no wonder how strong the connection became. This ship just hits all the right sweet spots for obsessed fans.
1. Max and Lucas (#Mucas)
Max and Lucas are the most deserving of all “Stranger Things” romances to be in the top spot. These two have gone through extreme highs and lows, making them the most dedicated relationship of them all. The pair never stopped caring for one another, and the person there to hold Max during the last of her consciousness was Lucas — and he hasn’t left her side since. All of which makes them the best couple of the entire show.
With this power ranking established, here’s to anticipating new things for these ships in Season 5 and that Vecna doesn’t turn their relationships upside down!
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