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Leonard and Penny were arguably the best couple on The Big Bang Theory and left fans wanting their relationship on many occasions.
Leonard and Penny were basically the ultimate couple on The Big Bang Theory having gone through many ups and downs only to always came out on top and even though they weren’t the first to hit all the milestones, they managed to finally move in together, get married and have children.
There were many moments on the show where they proved that they were couple goals, with thousands of viewers hoping and praying to have the kind of relationship that Leonard and Penny had. Not only did they get on with each other’s parents, they helped each other grow, supported each other in their careers and helped each other grow, making the season 12 versions of their characters, far more different than their season 1 iterations.
Penny decided that she had enough and quit her job at the cheesecake factory to pursue her acting career. Leonard was against the idea at the beginning as he didn’t think she had a great chance. However, he eventually came around after realizing it was what Penny wanted to do.
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Not only did he support her, he even bought her a car to drive to audition in when she was short of money. Viewers will certainly do well in life to find someone who they can support, and who can support them on this level.
One of the nerve-wracking elements of any relationship is meeting the parents of your partner for the first time. Penny was drastically different to Beverly (Leonard’s mother) as she was an accomplished Psychiatrist and Penny was a waitress at the time of their meeting.
However, the two hit it off extremely well and proved that Leonard’s mother loved Penny just as much as Leonard did. Viewers can only hope that they get along with their in-laws as much as Penny got on with Beverly.
Similarily to Penny and Beverly, Leonard and Wyatt also hit it off when they met. This was largely due to Penny lying and saying that she was still with Leonard to keep Wyatt happy but eventually she came clean. Wyatt was always not impressed with Penny’s other boyfriends as they all came with major red flags.
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Again, fans always hope that they get on with their in-laws but also hope they find someone who lies for them with the effort that Leonard put into his performance to Wyatt.
After having too many conversations about Leonard’s work and having to go home and Google the words he said, Penny went to Sheldon to teach her some Physics so that she could engage Leonard in conversation and ask him questions about his job.
Ultimately, Leonard was lucky to have Penny taking an interest in Leonard’s career – so much so that she endured a day of Sheldon talking about Physics. Hopefully, viewers can find someone who takes this much of an interest in their job and vice versa.
In season 10 episode 4, ‘The Cohabitation Experimentation,’ Leonard and Penny finally moved in together and have the apartment to themselves. They celebrate by dancing in their underwear like nobody is watching as they finally get to live without Sheldon and have a place of their own.
This episode certainly showed how goofy Leonard and Penny can be around each other and still have the time of their lives while knowing that they are both having a blast – a goal that all couples should have.
One Valentine’s day, Leonard and Penny went to a fancy restaurant to celebrate but ended up having to wait for ages for their table. Penny resorts to attempting to flirt with the staff in order to get a table quicker but her attempt failed. The two ended up eating some messy burgers inside of their car.
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Neither of them cared how messy the other ate or worried about having to impress each other on Valentine’s Day, all that mattered was that they were together.
In season 12 episode 7, ‘The Grant Allocation Derivation,’ Leonard got some new responsibilities at Caltech where he is in charge of approving grants. While he was initially hesitant Penny helped Leonard be more confident by speaking his mind and vocalizing his opinions more at work if he wasn’t happy.
Couples should bring out the best in each other and help each other grow, something that Leonard and Penny have both done for each other many times over the course of the show, of which this is just one example.
Having separate interests that the other finds weird or hilarious is something that a lot of couples can relate to. In season 3 episode 19, ‘The Wheaton Resurgence,’ Leonard was shocked when Penny quoted Yoda in bed by saying “Do or do not…there is no try.” Penny managed to go so far as to acknowledge that the quote was specifically from Empire Strikes Back.
This showed not only the effect that Leonard had on Penny, making her more aware of Star Wars, but this was also another example of Penny showing an interest in things that Leonard enjoyed as a nice surprise to him.
In season 10 episode 1, ‘The Conjugal Conjecture,’ Leonard and Penny finally got married surrounded by their best friends. The two getting married was one of the best episodes for them on the show as they both said their vows and showed everyone how much they cared about each other.
As a couple, they defied the odds and showed that someone as “nerdy” as Leonard could end up with someone as beautiful as Penny despite their obvious differences.
In season 8 episode 3, ‘The First Pitch Insufficiency,’ Leonard and Penny are scared about getting married but it doesn’t take long for Leonard to provide some words of comfort. He says to Penny “Marriage is scary…but it doesn’t make me not want to do it. It just makes me want to hold your hand and do it with you.”
All couples will have problems and fears but the important thing is that they can face their fears and solve the problem together as Leonard and Penny are ready to do in this episode.
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