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Matt Reeves’ The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz gave fans a unique and inspirational relationship between Batman and Catwoman.
The Batman presented a unique glimpse at the relationship between Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman, both early in their careers as masked vigilantes. In Matt Reeves’ noir action movie, Bruce Wayne has only been the Caped Crusader for two years when he discovers that Selina Kyle also has an agenda for the villains of Gotham City.
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In a tumultuous relationship initiated between begrudging allies, they discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses and teach each other a great deal about trust, compassion, and respect. The Batman includes many moments when their relationship proves to be inspirational, while also leaving plenty of room for it to grow into an even more dynamic love story.
Only comic fans know every detail about the Iceberg Lounge, but when Selina Kyle made her entrance into a meeting with Batman, there was “A Moment” nobody could miss between the cocktail waitress and the superhero in which they seemed to exchange a knowing glance. The air was thick with palpable tension as they sized each other up, which only grew as they continued to come into contact.
Each seemed to sense that the other was not wholly what they appeared to be, and after Batman followed her home, he caught a glimpse of her dual life. Not only did he discover she too was a masked vigilante, but she also used it to protect those she cared about. Physical attraction quietly grew into admiration and fascination.
Even after only having just made her acquaintance, Batman couldn’t help but worry about Catwoman’s safety. Learning there was another person who shared his unique lifestyle made him all the more resistant to losing her.
It also didn’t seem to matter if she appeared at inopportune times that forced him to potentially compromise his secret identity; he had to make decisions that kept not only his alter-ego safe but also hers.
Trying to find a passport got Catwoman involved in some heavy hand-to-hand combat with Batman who, although impressed with her methods of subterfuge, couldn’t justify her breaking and entering. The Batman got a lot right about Selina Kyle by showcasing both Catwoman and Batman’s martial dexterity and athleticism, to the audience as well as one another.
They both soon realized that it would be much better to be allies than enemies, and necessity initiated a relationship built on a foundation of trust, collaboration, compromise, and most importantly respect.
Batman branded Gotham a city that was “eating itself” and so overrun by corruption that even after two years as a crimefighter he hadn’t been able to make much of an improvement. Yet no one else was standing up to Carmine Falcone and his ilk except for Catwoman, who chose to do so from a position of unique influence.
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Batman’s ethos fundamentally revolves around not taking lives, lest he be perceived as sociopathic as his opponents, but Catwoman has no such moral conundrums. However, she wasn’t depicted as a total villain, and he understood her anger and disgust with the state of Gotham City, just as she empathized with him.
Late-night espionage and a stakeout in front of Selina Kyle’s apartment revealed to the Caped Crusader that she had another identity even if she never went by “Catwoman” in The Batman. By observing her put on a disguise and take off on her motorcycle to fight injustice, Batman knew that he could never reveal his knowledge to the public or risk jeopardizing her safety and cause.
The best relationships are founded on trust and communication, and once Batman knew that Catwoman had a secret identity, he didn’t reveal it. He understood better than anyone that it was important for her to have two versions of herself, especially one that provided solace from a disturbing past.
Given Selina Kyle’s distinct influence at The Iceberg Lounge, Batman called on her to undergo a covert infiltration of 44 Below, the secret “club within the club” frequented by Gotham City’s elite, including its most prestigious politicians. With her as his eyes and ears, she would be able to acquire the information he needed to go after some of Gotham City’s most terrifying villains.
The mission exposed her to danger and sexual harassment and ended when she refused to continue. It was important for her to be able to express her boundaries and for him to not only hear them but respect them.
There was a dynamic moment when Catwoman almost took a life and Batman stopped her, imploring her not to turn into the very person she hated most. She didn’t want to listen to him at the time, but his words ended up affecting her later.
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Partners often see the most potential in each other when they are blind to their own, and while Catwoman was in the throes of anger and resentment, Batman tried to remind her of her humanity. She was better than a single paroxysm, and would ultimately regret it if she’d been able to succeed in what she planned; Batman made sure that her integrity remained intact.
Even in her alter-ego, Catwoman didn’t always feel the need to wear her cowl. She allowed herself to be exposed often, both physically and emotionally, something Batman couldn’t do. Half of the crimes she committed were to help a dear friend, and she showed Batman that expressing emotions wasn’t a weakness.
Catwoman believed in Batman’s capacity for love so much that she tried to make him leave Gotham City with her and start a new life together, knowing he would refuse. She risked rejection to show him that he was worth something to someone, and hadn’t totally been consumed by his need for vengeance. It made the kiss they shared that much more meaningful and impactful.
In the exciting finale of The Batman, Batman cornered several of The Riddler’s henchmen, but not before catastrophic violence had already swept through Gotham City. They were able to nearly kill him in the ensuing confrontation, and Catwoman couldn’t stand by without helping.
Risking her own safety amidst gunfire, falling debris, flooding, and high voltage electricity, she attempted to reach his position and prevent him from plummeting to his death.
Several iconic moments in The Batman featured Batman and Catwoman on their motorcycles, sweeping through the streets of Gotham City, engaging in both competitive races and joy rides, each time reflecting the growing changes in their relationship dynamic. The final time took place as Catwoman rode out of town, and Batman wore his Batsuit for the first time while on the bike.
Sometimes the best communication isn’t verbal, and when Catwoman and Batman chose to vibe on their motorcycles, they were relating in a way that didn’t require words, just a sense of commonality and enjoyment from simple pleasures only they engaged in.
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