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Humans love BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive’s latest game, Stray, but their pet cats might be even more passionate about it.
Stray, the cyberpunk game that places the player in control of a stray cat, has earned plenty of praise from players, but it's not just humans who are enjoying the title — genuine kitties appear to be having a pretty good time with it, too.
Since Stray's release on July 19, fans have been flooding Twitter with photographs and videos of their very own cats reacting to the antics of the onscreen feline, and many of them are absolutely entranced.
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Many cats couldn't seem to tear themselves away from the gripping adventures of Stray's protagonist (inspired by Murtaugh, the real-life stray cat adopted by BlueTwelve founders Koola and Viv).
Some fans attributed their pets' fascination to the exceptional accuracy of Stray. Of course cats love watching Stray — it features most of their favorite activities, from knocking useful things off of shelves to scratching walls to just making some little noises for no reason in particular.
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The phenomenon of cats falling in love with Stray has not gone unnoticed. A new Twitter account, Cats Watching Stray (@CatsWatchStray) is dedicated to documenting as much footage of real cats watching fake cats as is possible. Cats Watching Stray is similar to other Twitter accounts like Can You Pet the Dog? (which recently confirmed that, while you cannot pet the dog in Stray, you can cuddle the cat). Cats Watching Stray has branched out a bit and recently uploaded a slightly out-of-character but distinctly adorable video of a dog watching Stray.
Creatures who walk on four paws and those who tread on two feet alike can enjoy Stray on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows.
Source: Twitter
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