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ST. GEORGE, UT – Adopt your new fur baby today! The Independent’s, Southern Utah Adoptable Pets Guide features adoptable pets from various animal shelters throughout southern Utah.
RSQ is a non-profit animal rescue in St. George, Utah. Our mission is to be a voice for the voiceless, bettering the lives of animals in Utah’s rural communities. All the animals in our care are fully vetted including spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, and any medical care they may need before adoption. We are open for walk-in visitors on Thursdays, from 4:30-6:30 p.m. For more information on RSQ and our adoptable animals, please contact RSQ at (800) 897-1136 or visit
Jack is an owner surrender as his loving family suffered an injury that left them unable to care for him. He is friendly, loving, and adored by our volunteers. Jack will need a special diet to help his kidneys. He is friendly with other calm dogs but really enjoys his one-on-one attention. And when it is “W A L K” time, you will thank me by remembering to spell it instead of saying it! And he is house-trained. Come meet Jack at our Thursday Open House. 
Lucas is an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix. He came in with his bro and was super chill and quiet on the car ride. Don’t let that fool you, he still likes to run and play with his bro and would love an active family to learn and love with! He is just learning the comforts of sleeping inside and I don’t think he will ever want to go back!  Lucas is house-trained and would be good in a home with other dogs or alone. 
Ledger is an Australian Shepherd and Border Collie mix. He came in with his bro and was super chill and quiet on the car ride. Don’t let that fool you, he still likes to run and play with his bro and would love an active family to learn and love with!  He plays well with others and doesn’t chew things.  And he’s house-trained. 
Handsome Arlo is hoping to find someone who will play with him and give him lots of affection. This youngster is spunky and somewhat independent. He’s a little shy but with time and love, he will become a faithful pet.  Arlo is house-trained and would be good in a home with other cats or alone.
Spike and her sibling Mad Dog are a bit of a rarity. They are all orange and female. They are playful and spunky but would prefer a quiet home. Imagine all the fun you will have raising these cats and watch their personalities unfold. And they are house-trained. They are looking forward to finding their fur-ever-loving home. 
Claire’s dream had come true. She had found a loving home and was thriving. Unfortunately, her dream wasn’t everlasting. Her adopter was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He kept her as long as he could and returned her to RSQ when he could no longer care for her. Won’t you please make her dream come true again? Claire Bear is longing to be in a loving home. She’s independent but enjoys an occasional head scratch. And she’s house-trained and would be good in a home with other cats or alone. 
Providing Animals With Support (PAWS)
PAWS Adoption Center is now open to the public Tuesday-Saturday 11 AM-3 PM. Located at 1125 W. 1130 N. in St. George. All pets are microchipped, spayed or neutered, and current on vaccinations. Below are the pets currently available for adoption from the shelter. Adoption applications here. For more information contact PAWS at (435) 688-9748. We do require masks at our facility.
Brock is a 4-month-old dream come true pup. He is sweet, playful, curious, and adventurous. This boy will make a great walking, hiking, and cuddle buddy. He is an Australian Shepherd mix and he will make a great family pet. We think he will be a medium-sized pup. If you’re looking to add to your family, come into PAWS and meet this little guy!
This 6-month-old Heeler Mix is one sweetheart of a dog!  She is a true athlete, ready for walks, runs, hikes, and camping. She’s up for any adventure. She needs to be the only dog in the home because she wants all of the attention. Lucy is waiting at PAWS to meet you so come on in!
Tuesday is a 1-year-old dog that loves exercise; running, hiking, playing, and walks. She would make an excellent family dog. If you’re up for an adventure, so is she. She’s also a cuddler and lover, a great companion dog who likes to be with her humans as much as possible. Stop by the PAWS Adoption Center and meet this darling dog. 
Sid is one sweet kitty and has the softest fur. You will not be able to stop petting him which he will be happy about since he loves to be petted. This sweet boy is about 1 year old and he will be your best buddy with just a few petting strokes and treats. His big heart is hoping to be at home with you!! Stop into the PAWS Cat Room to meet him and all the PAWS Kittens and Cats. 
Buffy was one of our mama cats and she is so sweet. She is very small weighing about 6 pounds. She loves her wet food, playing, and people. Buffy is less than 2 years old and she is so ready to find her fur-ever home. Come in and meet this adorable loving kitty. She wants to go home with YOU! 
Dylan is a 4-year-old DSH cat with beautiful green eyes. He is a playful boy who is very loving. He is cuddly and sweet. Give him a sunny window and he’ll be happy. He gets along with other cats. This is one great cat who will be a great family pet. Come into PAWS and meet this wonderful cat!
Please visit Mesquite Animal Shelter’s Petfinder website for a current listing and more detailed information on the animals. Mesquite Animal Shelter Petfinder or Please also check our Facebook pages for lost and found animals along with pet information at Mesquite Animal Control. We are located at 795 Hardy Way in Mesquite, Nevada.  Animal Control may be reached by phone or voicemail at (702) 346-5268Appointments will be made for you to visit an animal you are interested in adopting. All animals will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving the shelter and receive 1-year rabies vaccination and city license. Ages are approximate.
Angelica’s owners could not keep this fun-loving lady. She is seven years old. Angelica loves being with people and absolutely loves to have her belly rubbed. Make arrangements to meet this wonderful girl today! Her adoption fee is $60.
Oakley is a high-energy fella. He will fetch and bring back a tennis ball as long as you will continue to throw it for him. He does need some help with basic manners. We feel that Oakley was probably left alone in a yard. He loves people. He is ready to find his loving fur-ever home. Come in and meet him today! His adoption fee is $60.
Deebo is as friendly as it gets. He loves kissing and smelling and most of all his snorting is the best. He has the biggest smile ever, and just look at those eyes! He does well walking on a leash, knows sit and shake. He has lived indoors his young life. His adoption fee is $60.
April is a quiet, thoughtful girl who, once she gets to know you, will smooch and happily show you her tricks. She is looking for a caring and compassionate home that will help build her confidence and understand she is a bit shy when meeting new people. She was found as a stray. April is learning to play with toys and does well on a leash. April is a very nice dog. Her adoption fee is $60.
Senior cat lost his home when his owner moved into an assisted living facility in another state. He is very friendly and loves attention. Buster is very talkative and enjoys being petted and following you around. His adoption fee is $40.
Tigger’s owner could no longer keep her. She is very shy but is warming up to everyone’s attention. She loves to be petted and sit with you while you watch TV, read, or just love on her. Make arrangements to come in and meet her today! Her adoption fee is $40.
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is located five miles north of Kanab at 5001 Angel Canyon Road. All adoptable cats and dogs are spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations. If you have questions about a specific pet or the adoption process, please email If you’d like to apply to adopt one of these featured pets, click the link to their bio where you will find the adoption survey.
This handsome boy with his winning smile is ready to be adored! With his adorable squatty body, he can be a little clown or the sweetest cuddle buddy! Once Dorian loves you and knows you love him he will be your friend for life! He has a lot of personality and will be a joyful gentleman as long as you let him be himself! He is intelligent, loves training, and is very food motivated so would thrive in a home that can give his clever little mind activities and train regularly!
Ready to open your heart and home to a sweet, shy beagle? Mary Jane has enjoyed learning what it means to have a home with her foster family but would love a place to call her own. Though she may never be the dog that cuddles next to you on the couch or plays with dogs at the park, watching this shy little girl learn to trust and enjoy her environment provided by your love and the safety of routine will be so incredibly rewarding! Contact our outcomes and adoptions team to learn more and see if yours could be Mary Jane’s forever home!
Aspen is a happy guy who enjoys everything you enjoy, including walking, lounging, car rides, swimming, other dogs, and sometimes even cats! He knows all of the tricks, including sit, down, shake, and spin! Sometimes Aspen needs some time to warm up to people entering his space but once he does you will have a friend for life. Come make Aspen a part of your family today!
Life is a party for Jones! He is very active, loves to play, and gives the best hugs. He does need a butt bath most days due to some leaking, but tolerates it well and enjoys being wrapped in a towel after for a snuggle session. He has some really cool markings with his light cheeks and stripes on the back of his ears.
Karima is a striking Chocolate Siamese with a strong personality! When she is feeling happy and comfortable she welcomes pets around her head and will come to sit on a lap when the mood takes her. Karima is not fond of living with other cats and would love to meet her own special human to befriend. Could you give Karima a loving, single-cat home where her feisty personality is appreciated?
Cassy is a sweet, gentle soul seeking to become the center of your universe! She loves helping with household chores, being petted, and soaking up long lap time sessions. If you are looking for a new best friend, this precious little girl may just be the perfect fit for you!
Because Animals Matter is dedicated to reducing animal abuse and neglect through education. It offers fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and microchipped animals for adoption through a network of foster homes and the Because Animals Matter Center, a transition facility. It also welcomes volunteers for a variety of activities and needs foster families for animals awaiting their forever homes. Please contact Because Animals Matter at (435) 773-5209 or visit for more information. If If you’re interested in any of our beautiful animals, submit a BAM Adoption Application and, if approved, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a meeting. If you don’t hear back within 7 days, please text us at (435) 773-5209.
Nick is a beautiful 61 pound neutered male Malamute mix with classic Keeshond markings. He is 7.5 years old, is non-aggressive, and is timid in his demeanor. He will bond closely with a single person but is friendly with all who live in the household. He is good with other dogs and cats and barks only when a new person is in the house or yard. His tail was removed two years ago because of a tumor but he’s fine now. He’s recently been groomed and had a dental so he’s good to go!
Nick likes routine. He walks well once he is familiar with the route. He likes to be both inside and outside, knows how to use a doggie door, and is house trained. If he is the only dog, you can free-feed him; he eats what he wants and leaves the rest for later. Nick likes to sleep in the bedroom on the floor. He doesn’t jump on furniture. He is mild-mannered when giving him a bath and is not afraid of the dryer. He is not very good in the car; if taking him to the vet or groomer he needs to be kenneled or have someone sit with him in the back seat, paying attention to him.
The best family for Nick is a retired couple or individual who likes to chill at home. Frequent travelers are not a good match for him.
Koko has a sweet personality and is pretty chill. She enjoys playing with other dogs at the dog park and going on morning and nightly walks (although her hound dog nose slows her down stopping to smell anything interesting). If she gets off her leash, she will run:  she is so happy to be free and smelling EVERYTHING! She loves tug-o-war and playing with her toys, especially the squeaky ones, and rarely chews up anything she isn’t supposed to even though she is still just a puppy.
Koko is pretty mellow during the day but if she doesn’t get energy out she will get hyper at night. She is crate trained but loves sneaking into bed with the kids. She can sit and shake and rings the bells or barks when she wants to go out. She is good with cats (until she wants to play and they don’t). She is good with people and loves little kids but will jump on them to play so she would do better with children eight years old and up. She LOVES a good head, neck, or shoulder massage but may be the only dog ever to not like having her back or rear scratched!
Koko would benefit from consistent training by someone who has experience with hounds. She is an inside dog and needs an adopter who won’t plan on keeping her outside. She can be very vocal at the dog park but rarely barks at home. She will dig holes in the yard if she gets bored and, if permitted to dig in the sand, will be in doggy heaven! And, in case she gets muddy, she is not bad at taking baths.
Barry is not a lap dog (unless he decides he wants to be). Instead, he is a grumpy boy who came to us with a broken pelvis which still causes him pain. In the year he’s been with us, Barry also suffered seizures and kidney stones. He’s on a special diet and medication for all of these things, but he’s still a grump. And we all still love him!
Since being in our care, the poor guy has had to deal with puppies and big dogs who don’t understand why he doesn’t want to roughhouse. He does get along with dogs who aren’t in his face and likes to fetch a ball as long as you don’t try to take it back from him (Barry’s rules).
Ornery as he is, Barry is kind of our mascot and we want the old guy to catch a break and live out the remainder of his life with someone he can find solace in.
Barry loves to rub his back on the floor and wiggle and loves to have belly rubs by a person of his choosing. He enjoys certain members of our team while others simply aren’t his cup of tea.
Still a baby herself at only 1-1/2 years old, sweet Lady has been the best mom ever since she came to BAM with seven two-day-old puppies. Her babies are weaned and going to new homes and now Lady is looking for her very own person to play with and spoil her rotten.
Lady is a gentle, smart, good-natured goofball who loves to play with people and other dogs (she does not, however, care for cats). She’s the perfect companion! Once she’s been spayed, the adoption will be final and this amazing girl will be yours forever.
Meet some of Lady’s wonderful puppies Tramp, Mochi, and Scooter. If you’re interested in any of the puppies, stop by that BAM Place Tuesday–Saturday between 9 am–5 pm, or submit a BAM Adoption Application and, if approved, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to arrange a meeting. If you don’t hear back within 7 days, please text us at (435) 773-5209.
Poppy is a complicated girl who is both sweet and sassy. She would prefer a quiet home without small children where she is the only dog or maybe has one other small dog friend. Poppy is housebroken using a doggy door and gets along with her foster’s small dogs but is a loner.
Poppy is approximately 7-8 years old. She was rescued from a life on the streets of Phoenix and is still cautious, exhibiting some defensive behaviors but really wants to trust and love! She asks for belly rubs and neck pets but these must be given on her terms.
Poppy can be picked up and held if needed but she is not yet a lap dog. She fears having a leash or harness put on her but loves her walks! Because Poppy is HIGHLY treat motivated, patient training will likely be successful. She will require an experienced adopter with a slow, steady training protocol, lots and lots of repetition, and lots and lots of treats to help her overcome her fear and aggressive behavior.
Roxy needs a playmate!  This girl is so affectionate, full of life, and smart, smart, smart!!! She wants nothing more than get outside and play ball, tug, you name it–she just wants to play!
Unfortunately, life changes didn’t allow pretty Roxy to stay with her family and she has to be re-homed. She’s a wonderful girl (did we mention that she’s smart?) who needs someone with an active lifestyle and time to help develop her mind. She would probably be a great agility dog, frisbee fetcher, and/or running/hiking partner. And once she’s worn you out, she’ll snuggle up to you on the couch for cuddles and cookies. (Exercise and cookies- you can’t lose!) And can you imagine gazing into those gorgeous eyes every day?

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