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An image from the new Sims 4 Game Pack has leaked, revealing it’s all about werewolves – but fans think the cover looks more like the Cats musical.
A cover image for the next Sims 4 Game Pack all about werewolves has seemingly leaked, and fans have been very vocal in comparing the werewolves’ design to the musical Cats. The Sims 4 team first teased werewolves coming to the game in a roadmap released last month, and have continued to drop hints ever since, however, nothing has been officially confirmed by developer EA as of yet. Players have long wanted werewolf supernaturals to return to the franchise, and this new leak indicates players will likely soon get what they desire.
Supernatural Sims have always been a part of the Sims series in some capacity – previous titles have allowed fans to play as vampires, werewolves, fairies, and more. While vampires and spell casters have already made their way to The Sims 4, werewolves have yet to make an appearance in the game. However, fans paying close attention to the recent posts by Sims 4 developers were given several hints this past week through the use of coded messages referencing things like a new world called Moonwood Mill. This, combined with frequent moon imagery used in promotional material, has given players a strong indication of what’s to come.
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A recent post by SimsCommunity revealed that the Sims 4 German website accidentally posted cover art for the new Game Pack, revealing the game’s design of werewolves. Although fans are excited to utilize werewolves, the reactions to the werewolves’ design has been largely negative, with lots of fans comparing it to the musical Cats. Many have hilariously posted GIFs from the movie in response to the art, including Twitter users ItsMe4Dee13 and tadziosims. User SamVerey responded with a video of Cardi B saying, “oh my God, what is that?” to which user niedesperadek replied with a picture of Taylor Swift in Cats.
it’s giving cats the musical
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Although the reasons Sims 4 players want werewolves in the game differ, so far the reactions to the werewolves themselves have largely been the same. The werewolf on the leaked cover image has a starkly different appearance than the werewolves of previous Sims titles, looking less menacing in both body and expression. Previous werewolves would generally be considered scarier than the new design, with hair that looked more like overgrown human hair and gaunt, muscular bodies. However, it’s important for players to take into consideration that the leaked image may not fully capture all of the appearance options offered by the new Game Pack, or how they look during actual gameplay.
The fan reactions comparing these new werewolves to Cats have been incredibly entertaining, despite the disappointment some Sims 4 players may be feeling about the Game Pack’s design choices. While leaked images do need to be taken with a grain of salt, most previous Sims 4 leaks have shared details later confirmed by EA. This design may not be what every Sims 4 fan was hoping for in regards to the latest Game Pack’s design, but hopefully, the actual gameplay of the new release will manage to meet, or even exceed, player expectations.
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