Post Malone And Doja Cat Appear All Cozy In Music Video Of “I Like You” – Guardian Nigeria


The music video for “I Like You (A Happier Song),” the third single from Post Malone’s most recent album and a collaboration with Doja Cat, has been made available.
While singing about a developing romance, the couple spends the most of the video playing in a field of flowers while appearing to be completely happy.
Doja poses while Post-casso paints her wearing only an attire made of carefully placed flowers.
Later, she dons a vibrant garment and dances with Post while being carried on his back.
The films intro and outro are French monologues on love, thus it’s only natural that the video include scenes of various happy couples throughout.
There don’t seem to be any bugs in this perfect planet to swarm about and ruin everyone’s romantic nature dates. And don’t worry, Doja, even though the film is shot outside, there aren’t any real snakes or weasels in it.
Watch the video here.

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