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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Persuasive writing is a skill. Recently, a fifth grade teacher at Harding Elementary in Lindenhurst approached me about having her class write persuasive essays, trying to convince readers to adopt a certain dog or cat at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Wantagh.
Carly Dirlam asked if I could provide photos and short bios of pets waiting for homes. I could, but I couldn’t guarantee each pet would still be available when the students’ writing was finished. That was a good thing, since many dogs and some cats are adopted quickly.
Two more things dawned on me. I could help motivate the young writers by printing several of the letters here in the “Pets” column in hopes their letters are persuasive enough to attract an adopter. After all, isn’t persuasive writing what I try to do every time I feature a poster pet for adoption? Student wrote with a partners. Below are fifth graders’ persuasive pleas for four Last Hope pets:
Adopt NALA by Elyssia and Isabella
Oh, hello there. I’m Nala. I’m a mix between a German Shepherd and a Labrador who’s waiting for a new home. If you’re looking for a friendly and lovable dog, I’m the right dog for you.
I am ten years old. I know what you are thinking, that I’m old for a dog, but I’m a lovable and friendly dog that doesn’t give a hard time. I’m a senior dog waiting for a new home. How sad. Even sadder, my owner had to go into a nursing home. Man, I miss my owner so much. I’m here waiting for a new home. Although Last Hope Animal Rescue is being as kind as possible, I just want to find a place to call home again.
Imagine what it’s like not to be sure if you’ll ever have a permanent home. Do you think you can change that for me? You can see in my beautiful, lovable eyes how much I need an owner! I should mention , I’m the perfect option if you have kids because I’m calm, friendly and listen. So all together the question is—will you adopt me?
Adopt MOSES by Michael, Patrick and AJ
Do you want a super cute, cuddly cat to keep you company? First of all, my name is Moses and I’m only six weeks old. Anyway, you probably don’t know my past, so I’m going to tell you since we are going to be together for a while! I was found in a sewer drain! Can you imagine how devastating that could be at my young age of six weeks? I am not up for adoption yet because I’m too young, but come back in a while and I’ll still be here ready for you. Being young may mean I can’t be adopted yet, but it does mean I can be with you longer!
By the time I am ready for adoption, I will already have seen the veterinarian multiple times. That means I will be very healthy. Lucky for you, I have also been around humans since I was found. This means I know all about humans, inside and out.
Think about it, if you are stressed out about work or school, I am perfect for you. I will listen to you and never judge your issues. If you are watching a movie alone, I can keep you company with snuggles and love. Every day when you come back to your house, I will be so excited to see you. If you have a bad dream, I will keep you comfortable.
I’m pretty low maintenance because most of the day, I just relax. So I just need food and water. I really love people and hope you love me too. I think I would be a fantastic addition to your family, adopt me!
Adopt WILLOW by Loudemiah, Wikitoria and Nyla
Hey, you! Yes, you! Have you ever thought about getting a dog, well, I’m the one for you. I’m Willow. I am a female mixed Cattle Dog and I’m really energetic. I have dazzling blue eyes and pink ears that stand-up.
If you are still not sure you should adopt me, well, I have some reasons why you should! First, I love kids. Also, I’m kinda adorable, to be honest! I will protect your children no matter what. That is because I love kids! I will give them a lot of love, and look forward to getting their love in return. I really like cuddles too. So, if you’re watching television, I will gladly snuggle up with you.
Secondly, why would you not want me? Imagine you coming home and me running to meet you at the door. I’ll be so happy to see you. I am an intelligent breed, so you can teach me a lot of new tricks. I love to run and play.
Thirdly, I really need a home and just want a caring family. I would keep the family company and care for you when you’re feeling down. So please consider taking me home with you today. I would be very grateful. “Woof” (bye!!!)
Adopt DYLAN by Blake and Stephen
Have you ever wanted a cat that’s a little special? Well, Hi, I’m Dylan! I’m ten months old special needs kitten. Here’s why you should adopt me. I have had intestinal surgery which went smoothly. I’m fine now. All I need is a home and a diet that consists of prescription canned food.
Basically the only reason I’m special needs is because I need special food at this point. Just so you know, the specific food is Rx ID canned and I need to eat it for the rest of my life. But no worries, most veterinarians have it! In other words, I am just as playful, fun and joyful as any cat. Do you know how horrible it not to have a forever loving home?
Next, I am very cute and loving. I am all white with tall ears and light green eyes with a little bit of orange on my head. Who would not want to own a cat that looks like me?
Finally, now you know about me and how hard it is not to have a forever home. You might be going through something hard too, and I could cheer you up since you will be cheering me up! If you want a cat that’s a little special, please take me home today! I hope I’m not too late to be loved by someone.
To Adopt NALA, MOSES, WILLOW or DYLAN, visit Last Hope, 3300 Beltagh Ave, Wantagh or Call 631-671-2588.
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