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More often, there are some rising issues of insecurity bedeviling this great country with no measure or any solution in sight. How do we bring the people engaged in these evil acts to book? How can we continue as a nation like this? How can we live in a country of our birth but we cannot move freely?
Just imagine how the APC government budgeted 12 trillion for security in the last seven years and we have nothing to show for it. We have not seen any desirable change from the security outlook of Nigeria. The heinous part of it is that the rising insecurity is a daily occurrence in this country. Nowhere seems safe anymore.
The funniest part of this issue is that the criminals know where their people are being kept by the government and know how to get them out but the government doesn’t know how to get the poor people who are been kidnapped by the bandits out of captivity. Terrorists boldly went to Kuje prison and rescued their members.
Nigerians in captivity are in dilemma because they are left with no option than to find a way to free themselves through every means possible. We, ordinary Nigerians, are left with no option than to find a way out to protect ourselves from this menace.
People were killed on the Abuja-Kaduna train attack, with many others missing and some wounded. It has been several months now and many of them have remained in captivity. What is the Nigerian government doing to rescue these victims? Government seems to be lackadaisical towards curtailing the menace. It seems we have no capable security personnel in this country and we also have no government to listen to the yearnings and aspirations of the populace which voted it into power. I, however, have the belief that this country will change to a better one when the appropriate things are done.
Muhammad Umar Shehu,
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