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In this mission, Shepard helps gather some footage for a documentary. But which photos should he take?
Along with uniting the galaxy, Shepard does plenty of smaller things to help with the war effort throughout Mass Effect 3. For instance, in Citadel: Inspirational Stories, the Commander works with a director to get some footage for an inspiring film he's making.
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To help out, you have to roam the Citadel Holding Docks and take inspirational pictures. However, you don't get to decide which scenes are worth capturing. There are specific snapshots that need to be taken. And to make matters worse, the game doesn't mark the exact locations of these photo opportunities. Yet, you can find them all here.
This mission only becomes available after Priority: The Citadel II. To begin, head down to the Docks Holding Area on the Citadel.
At the security checkpoint, you will see a Salarian (Solik) trying to get into the refugee area. Talk to him to hear that he's making a documentary and needs your help. Agree to take photos for him to get the mission underway.
There are four photo opportunities that Solik considers good enough for his film, but you only need three of them. To take a picture, all you have to do is find the photo op and hit the button prompt. These are all of the correct places to take your snapshots:
On the eastern side of the Docks: Holding Area is a memorial wall. Right in front of it, you can find a woman crying while a Salarian comforts her. This heartbreaking moment is one you can capture.
On the map, you may see there's a large gap between numbers 2 and 3. Several people occupy this area, and two of them are involved in a deep conversation. Solik will appreciate a photograph of the pair.
At Cargo Hold B, a couple of injured people are on large boxes. Lucky for them, a few medical professionals are looking after the duo. It's a good scene to add to the film.
For this photo opportunity, head between numbers 3 and 4 on the map. James might be there playing cards with a few other people. Even he's not there, there's still a table littered with cards, and you can get a photo of it.
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Once you've taken three good pictures, Solik will let you know that you've got enough footage. At this point, you need to return to him at the security checkpoint. He gives his thanks, and you receive a boost in reputation, experience, and credits. The quest then comes to a close.
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