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Weight loss

Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez keeps dodging questions about her mayoral aspirations. But that’s not stopping her from participating in a mayoral candidate forum.
Chavez—who is rumored to run for San Jose mayor but has yet to officially announce—will take part in a candidate forum on Monday with downtown San Jose Councilmember Raul Peralez, who officially declared his candidacy in April. The Silicon Valley Democratic Club will moderate the event.
With Mayor Sam Liccardo set to term out next year, Chavez is one of the rumored candidates to replace him. The county supervisor and longtime labor leader unsuccessfully ran for mayor in 2006.
Chavez did not respond to numerous requests for comment.
The description of Monday’s forum seems to tiptoe around the announcement too: The group says the two progressives are invited “to discuss who should be the next mayor of the city of San Jose.”
“Supervisor Chavez has been much-discussed as a possible candidate for mayor, so we extended an invitation to join the discussion with our members,” Club President Jennie Hutchinson told San José Spotlight. “We are gratified she accepted our invitation and look forward to an exciting event.”
Like many San Jose politicos, Peralez is convinced Chavez will eventually launch a campaign, though he can’t confirm anything official. One insider fact he did share: Many of his endorsers also received calls from Chavez seeking their support.
“I know she’s doing some groundwork for a campaign,” Peralez told San José Spotlight. “She might not have announced yet, but I don’t know if this forum is more of a public statement.”
Councilmember Dev Davis made her announcement to run for mayor just hours after Peralez earlier this year, but is not participating in Monday’s forum because she is not a Democrat. Progressive Jonathan Royce Esteban, a former congressional candidate, is also running but is not on the forum agenda.
Freshman councilmember and rising business star Matt Mahan has been mulling a run too, though he’s kept tight-lipped about any announcement.
“I don’t have any news to share at the moment,” Mahan told San José Spotlight.
Chavez previously served as vice mayor in a tenure marked by a handful of scandalous votes, such as a $4 million backdoor taxpayer subsidy for the San Jose Grand Prix. Chavez’s campaign for mayor in 2006 ended when she endured a trouncing by eventual winner Chuck Reed.
Impatient labor-backed officials are overwhelmingly supporting Peralez, leaving Chavez behind in endorsements if she jumps into the race.
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What a sweet photo. Cindy is bending down to speak to a child. At least the child is smart enough to wear a mask.
Raul Peralez looks very weak agreeing to participate in a candidate forum with a person too conniving to say if she is actually running for mayor.
Where’s your mask Cindy?
Cindy is in, running for Mayor, based upon her recent weigh loss. Candidates often get in shape prior to a grueling campaign. Raul on the other hand, has a big belly. He will prob get rid of it soon, or by walking precincts.
why wouldn’t she run?
the gravy train gotta keep rollin’
As a white man, I want a black man or woman as mayor. Cindy Chavez is a has been. We need to do better!
I really don’t care what color you are. And I certainly don’t care about the color of the person who will be elected mayor. (I also don’t care about their plumbing,) The most important thing is that the person is qualified.
I am not sure that Cindy is a “has been” — she is clearly a contender. However, Cindy is a grandstanding, pandering hack—but show me a politician in CA who isn’t. (Where is Joe Colla when we need him?)
More importantly, if elected, she will be just as supercilious and feckless as the current mayor. We will have to endure 4 years of her corrosion virtue signaling and scolding while she goes swanning about the political aviary looking for her next job and doing nothing to actually improve the city. Well, “nothing “ may be too strong. I am certain that she will continue the beatification of the homeless (sorry, I meant un-housed) and other favored political props.
Let the silly-season begin.
You and I disagree a great deal on issues. I am a progressive in the mold of Bernie Sanders/Andrew Yang.
But I could not agree with you more in regards to Cindy Chavez. In her many years as Chair of the County’s Children, Seniors, and Families Committee, she has failed to provide oversight and demand accountability within the Social Services Agency. The official misconduct and wrongdoing perpetrated by several of its of managers is extreme. As a terminated 65 year old whistle blowing Management Analyst and a 19 year veteran of the County, I have presented Cindy Chavez with thousands of pages of documented proof of abuse of power, obstruction of justice, contempt of civil grand juries, perjury, bribery, extortion, misuse of Federal, State, and County resources, including MediCal, and criminal conspiracy, but Cindy feigns that there is nothing to see there.
Things are so serious that I warned her and all top ranking County officials of a potential mass shooting in IHSS due to the hostile work environment that features bullying, retaliation, and micromanagement. That view is shared by others, including SEIU 521 official Olivia Martinez.
Experienced employees are driven into early retirement so IHSS can hire cheaper younger workers. Cindy knows about all of this, including IHSS loyalist employees who, on County time, go on coffee runs, get pedicures, and take long vacations off the books. Yet Cindy does nothing as an entitled and privileged elitist.
As such, Cindy Chavez, in my view, says all the right things in public, but behind the scenes she is fulling supportive of County Boss Jeff Smith’s corrupt culture. In essence, Cindy is a fraud and has cynically betrayed taxpayers, workers, and the public welfare.
Actually, if she is elected, we could end up with her for up to 10!years. NO THAN YOU!!
Cindy is a self serving fraud – paralyzing the city of San Jose by her inaction during the pandemic and a history of virtual “no-show” jobs at city college and from special interest groups. May the voters of San Jose have better choices than this hack.
Well said.
Dear Community,
Cindy needs to support the East Valley by pushing Carrasco, Arenas, Otto Lee, and the Rest of the VTA Noard to build the Light Rail Station at Ocala like VTA told the Community they were going to do.
Our word is all we have, VTA has no credibility. They told the Community one thing and then tell the Elected Officials something different, crying about all of the money it’s going to cost because they did not plan for the Ocala and Capitol Light Rail Station that they suckered us with.
WE, the Community Supported that Original Transit idea as it was presented.
We do not support spending the Funds for Light Rail now for the East Ridge to BART PERIOD!!!!!!
Magically the Funding is not there – Arenas calls the VTA promises(While she was laughing) a Community Wish list.
We are not wishing, we are seeking Accountability in the East Valley. EQUITY, FINANCIAL EQUALITY.
VTA wants us to get on the Transit System in the East Valley,
Building the Station at Ocala will support that position.
Not building the stop only puts our Community in a Deeper financial hole forcing Families to be displaced because of continued economic neglect. Fuel, Rent, Auto Purchases, Auto Repair, all Cost that continue to increase with time in this Valley. Including the Costs to Ride Light Rail and paying for Transfers.
Without this Station, VTA is working against its purpose.
Political Officials who do not support this Ocala Station will be working against the Community and SUPPORTING DISPLACEMENT OF OUR FAMILIES.
Our position is not a WISH LIST – Our position is their words that were used to encourage the Community to support the East Ridge to BART Light Rail Extension Project.
It is not the Communities fault that VTA lied to get this Project.
It’s not our fault that VTA lost all of our Emails when they told Cindy Chavez they did not have our Contact Information.
Believe me, They have had my Information.
We have supported every Bond Measure VTA has brought to the Community.
It’s time for the Smoke and Mirrors Games to SYOP.
VTA has gained Funding Support with our Votes, VTA needs to support the Community and build the Ocala Light Rail Station.
I mean seriously,
01. If the County Voted to not Accept Funding for Reid-Hillview Airport..
02. If the County Voted to close the Airport…
03. If the Community asked for the Ridership Study from VTA – and VTA said their Ridership Study did not include any future Housing Statistics from Reid-Hillview Airport…
04. If VTA made promises to the Community without Studies for Past, Present, and Future Ridership…
05. If VTA has no current Studies regarding the number of new members of this Community…
Arenas – No her District Families only have to worry about getting to East Ridge Transit Stations.
Carrasco – wants VTA to contact schools, FOR WHAT!!!!
Otto Lee – asks good questions but seems to be a follower.
The Leaders need to lead for the Community, not lead for the Budget of VTA.
The 4 Neighborhoods in District 5, Cassell, Capitol Park, Mayfair, Plata Arroyo all have spoken in support of the Ocala Light Rail Station no matter what the Cost!
Our Leaders know what we ask, watch the meeting Video. Pictures do not lie, VTA DOES.
That is my opinion,
Danny Garza
Plata Arroyo Neighborhood Association and Eastgate N.A.C.
I hope this is the end of her political career.
I agree.
Is she gonna run? She never stopped running!
and i will walk the streets for her again because she plays politics straight up
and no, that “weight loss” was such a sad thing to say — she has worked hard
(for longer than me) to shed those mid life office extras. and she did it
Ok Mykel, who among the others in the mix are better? shes got the skillz,
the experience, she knows where the minefields are and who are the badass
players == thats a winning resume
or is it that strong women scare you?
Thank you for the positivity. As long as I have know her, she has always been an advocate for making San Jose a safe and better place for families. She is a strong leader. I see so many people hate on her and it really is sad. I hope she decides to run. I think she is what this city needs.
Cindy Chavez running for Mayor again is comparable to Hilary running for President again. It’s a collective “is this the best representation? Or are we just used to the status quo and lack of productivity, that this somehow makes sense?”
I hope someone besides Raul and Cindy, someone who hasn’t contributed to making issues worse in San Jose, runs for Mayor.
Dear Community,
It seems that there are residents who are unaware of the multiple issues Cindy has addressed in our Community.
First of All, Cindy has supported the Children of the East Valley by moving to close Reid-Hillview Airport.
Second, Cindy has been more then aggressive to Community Health issues by going ‘Well Past’ Carrasco and Donating well over 5,000 Masks to our Community.
We, 5 Neighborhoods, had one meeting with Cindy and we had Thousands of Masks within a Week.
3rd, My previous Comment is not a knock on Cindy, we as a Community recognize the POLITICAL ACTION that Cindy has taken on our behalf and we are encouraging her toove the others in the right direction.
4th, Strong Neighborhood Initiative – There is nothing more to say from Plata Arroyo Neighborhood Association and Eastgate N.A.C.
To me personally, Cindy has always answered Plata Arroyo Neighborhood questions. Information is the key to Neighborhood Improvement.
There is always more any Politicians can do. Cindy is not the only one to blame.
Many years ago, the San Jose City Council was endited by the County D.A., but only the Mexican went to Trial and Jail.
History is repeating itself.
If your going to edite Cindy then you better endive the Whole County Board of Supervisors.
She has worked to hard for our East Valley Community for me to let critics have an open shot at her without support from us.
Sure, The County Board can do more, but we know who she has helped. This can not be “Open Season” on Cindy.
Others can say what they want that is their Right.
Cindy has done more for the East Valley in one year then Carrasco has in the whole time she has been in Office.
That is how I decide who gets my Vote. Not what haters say but by the Actions of the Candidates.
That is my opinion.
In Community Spirit,
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