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Beyond Opening Day, the home opener, and a few marquee matchups, the main highlight of the Phillies’ schedule for an average fan is the Hatfield Dollar Dog night. 
The Phils usually have a few on the calendar (sometimes three, sometimes four) at the start of the year. Since 2017, they’ve only had more than three once (2019) and they’ve only planned Dollar Dog nights past May once (2021). It’s strange, but it’s just the way things work.
This season, however, they had just two planned – and they were just seven days apart, in the first four weeks of the year.
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So Phillies fan and Crossing Broad contributor Kyle Pagan, who’s been a true Sports Man About Town over the last six-plus months, decided to bring this issue up with the powers-that-be.
No, not Phillies managing partner John Middleton: Pagan went instead all the way to Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey.
Here’s the hilarious conversation Pagan had with an employee named Regina at Casey’s office:
Call your local congressman and don’t stop until the @Phillies add another Dollar Dog Night to the schedule @SenBobCasey
Honestly? That’s a productive conversation! Regina took Kyle’s gripe seriously, Kyle was appreciate for Regina genuinely listening, and the two had a few laughs. Such meat tube civility!
(It also felt a bit like a scene from early It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in which Mac dons a straight face over something absolutely absurd with a confused person in power. Good stuff all around.)
And… Regina delivered! She passed the message along to Casey, who – recognizing an easy PR win – responded on Twitter:
Hey Kyle, Regina passed along your message.

I agree, more Dollar Dog Nights. @Phillies, let’s do this.
Democracy in action!
The Associated Press’s Dan Gelston reached out to Casey’s office, and was told to expect another Dollar Dog Night is incoming:
I reached out to Aramark after the ⁦@SenBobCasey⁩ tweet. Get your relish ready! Looks like more $1 dog nights are on deck ⁦@Phillies⁩ games.
When people on the Internet tell you to call your representatives, this is the kind of action they want you to take. Demand your state’s senator provide you with cheap hot dogs, and sometimes they will come through with cheap hot dogs.
I ate four at the May 3 night (they lost to the Rangers, a real bummer!) and when the next one is scheduled I’ll gear up for five. We all have to play our part.


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