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Every time Luke and Lorelai talk to each other about serious and light topics on Gilmore Girls, fans can see that they’re meant to be together.
Lorelai and Luke seem like they’re meant to be a couple from their early Gilmore Girls interactions. Lorelai loves relying on Luke for her coffee intake, and Luke sees Lorelai as a good, loyal, compassionate friend who will never let him down. Whether they’re just friends or in a serious relationship, these popular characters always talk about every topic under the sun, and fans love to watch them joking around.
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Whether talking about marriage and relationships or discussing the little details of their lives, Luke and Lorelai always have fun, entertaining, and moving conversations, and these are their best Gilmore Girls quotes.
Fans like Lorelai and Luke’s relatable Gilmore Girls relationship because they aren’t fancy, formal people who care about appearances or being anything other than who they are. The characters often talk about regular things, like this funny scene when Luke asks Lorelai why she tucks her sheets in on the right and left side.
When a couple becomes serious and moves in together, they always learn quirky things about each other, including their preferences for using a fitted sheet or maybe not even using a top sheet at all. It’s sweet that Luke and Lorelai discuss this subject.
Before Lorelai and Luke start dating, they talk a lot about love. While they usually discuss Lorelai’s relationship with Max, Lorelai sometimes talks to her friend and favorite diner owner about how he shouldn’t be lonely.
It’s clear that Lorelai worries that Luke is sad and that he doesn’t like being on his own as much as he pretends, and her concern shows that she and Luke are totally meant to be.
Fans love Luke and Lorelai’s first date as he shares that Lorelai wrote a creative and funny horoscope for him when they first met. Lorelai wrote that he would “meet an annoying woman” and he should pour her some coffee.
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When Luke says that he has had this piece of paper in his wallet for the past eight years, Lorelai is stunned to realize how much Luke loves her and how long he’s had these romantic feelings. This is a big moment and Lorelai feels that this relationship will definitely work out, and despite some twists and turns, she’s right.
With her quirky humor and fast quips, Lorelai has many hilarious Gilmore Girls scenes. Luke knows how happy and positive Lorelai seems most of the time, usually based on the amount of coffee that she has had that day.
When Luke says this sweet quote, he’s worried that Lorelai doesn’t appear to be as cheerful as she usually does. This is an early sign that Luke and Lorelai are meant to be more than just friends. Luke is known for being grumpy and he wouldn’t ask just anyone how they’re feeling.
Of all the Gilmore Girls main characters, Luke isn’t always the most considerate. While he has his moments of helping the Stars Hollow residents out, and he’s nicer than his hard exterior, Luke does keep to himself a lot.
When Luke tells Lorelai that he made a mistake while baking brownies and he wants her to have the extra chocolately treats, it’s a huge deal that shows fans how much he cares about her. The fact that Luke is thinking about Lorelai is a telling sign.
Luke and Lorelai love being in a relationship, but as soon as Lorelai begins spending time in Luke’s apartment above the diner, she realizes that she has to adjust to being his partner and not just a customer and friend.
When Lorelai makes it clear that she loves Luke but still wants to enjoy Luke’s food at the diner, it’s a nice reminder that not everything has to change and that Lorelai doesn’t have to say goodbye to her beloved restaurant routine.
Although Luke and Lorelai share romantic Gilmore Girls scenes, fans know that Luke isn’t a romantic person, and he would rather be casual than dress up and go to a nice restaurant. Luke also isn’t a grand gesture person.
Lorelai knows this about Luke and when she says that he doesn’t appreciate the beauty and romance of Love Story, she’s showing that she accepts who he is and is fine with it.
Luke and Lorelai’s A Year In The Life wedding is small and intimate, with Rory there to witness these characters finally making this huge, special commitment. When Luke holds out a ring to Lorelai, he makes a joke about how they’re going to be together forever, and Lorelai’s response is classic and hilarious.
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While Rory and Lorelai have the classic banter that fans like so much, Luke and Lorelai’s conversations have their own rhythm that is just as enjoyable to watch, this scene being a perfect example.
Luke and Lorelai’s Gilmore Girls relationship changes in the best way possible in the season 4 finale “Raincoats and Recipes.” Luke makes it really obvious that he wants to be with Lorelai, who is thrilled with this new development.
When Luke is unsure if he’s the only one who feels this way, he tells Lorelai that he doesn’t buy people flowers and makes it clear that this is a big deal on his part. Fans love seeing Luke share his feelings with Lorelai after so long.
Even when Luke and Lorelai are in a committed relationship, it can be tough for Luke to be sensitive and talk about his feelings. Before they start dating, Luke is definitely a bit more closed off.
Sometimes, Luke will hint at wanting to share his life with someone, and when Luke tells Lorelai that being married “isn’t the worst thing,” this quote proves that he really does believe in marriage and wants to find his person someday.
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