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Perhaps you’ve heard of owners and their pets looking the same. As Gerrard Gethings has proved with his game “Do You Look Like Your Cat?” cats are no exception to this rule.
Gethings shared 10 pairs from the game with Insider, from cute kittens to cats with intimidating side eye, and everything in between.
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Gethings began photographing pets and animals in 2008 after he brought home his very own puppy, named Baxter.
“For me, a domestic pet is no less beautiful or majestic than a wild animal,” Gethings previously told Insider.
Even their mustaches are identical.
Both also have an intense stare.
We wouldn’t want to be on the other side of either withering stare.
Tobias’ sunglasses are a good representation of Hero’s striking yellow eyes.
Though these photos might be silly, Gethings take them seriously.
“I don’t want to create images of animals that are patronizing,” Gethings said. “My subjects are complex and characterful creatures, full of pathos, humor, and unpredictability. I want them to appear epic.”
You can check out his Instagram page here.
You can learn more about the game here.
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