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By on Wed, Jul 27, 2022 at 1:00 am
Florida man stole truck, attempted to break into military base to warn of fight between aliens and dragons
By Alex Galbraith
Eliot Hillis and Seth Parker leaving Orlando Meats to start Red Panda Noodle
By Faiyaz Kara
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‘The Gray Man,’ the most expensive original film in the history of Netflix, is pretty much ‘The Winter Soldier’ minus tights
By Steve Schneider
Taron Egerton transforms himself yet again in Apple TV’s ‘Black Bird,’ premiering this week
By Steve Schneider
Hulu premieres ‘The Princess,’ in which the scion of a royal family is imprisoned for refusing to marry the man she was promised to
By Steve Schneider
Netflix rolls out yet another take on ‘Resident Evil,’ wisely choosing to yeet any backstory that gets in the way
By Steve Schneider
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