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In a classroom of 30 young minds ageing 18-25, if you ask what they prefer, doing a job or starting something of their own, 25 of them are most likely to choose the latter option. This is the reality. The youth today is keen on becoming an entrepreneur. They are willing to become one despite knowing the difficulties and risks associated with entrepreneurship. The youth thus is well aware of the things required from them to become a successful entrepreneur. As a result, they start working towards their goals very early in time.

Many organisations, realising this, have started opening their doors of entrepreneurs community for such budding entrepreneurs. In these communities, budding entrepreneurs can connect with like-minded people and foster self-development and growth. These platforms are commonly called as the ‘Entrepreneur Club’.

Entrepreneur Clubs, also known as Entrepreneur Groups or Entrepreneur Community are groups of like-minded people sharing the same interest. These groups help members connect with each other at regular intervals, enable the exchange of ideas and knowledge, building and expansion of contacts and connections, provide business referrals, share stories of successes and failures of entrepreneurs, thus providing huge exposure and understanding of entrepreneurship.

Some prominent examples of such Entrepreneurs Clubs are IEC (India Entrepreneurs Club), BNI India, and IBG (India Business Group). These Entrepreneurs clubs primarily provide an open space for aspiring entrepreneurs to meet the well-reputed and successful entrepreneurs.

Entering this space is also the all-new Clique Club. A social networking club, The Clique Club is the brainchild of young and emerging entrepreneur Priyanjali Malpani and a successful businesswoman with a valued brand name in the photography industry Meghaa R Isrrani. An avant-garde social media free space, this club too, is designed to encourage young minds and budding entrepreneurs to network with people of similar wavelengths via engaging, interesting and unique monthly events. The reasons why The Clique Club stands out from the rest of the entrepreneurs clubs is because it provides a dual platform. It just doesn’t have a strong social media presence, but also organises offline events, which are not just restricted to the common seminars that tend to get boring. The Clique Club (TCC) ensures a perfect mix of work/play where people can meet and build contacts.

LinkedIn, one of the largest social media networking site/app for professionals, till early this year, only had an online presence. However, it too has launched its offline local club that enables people with LinkedIn profiles to meet real-time and build contacts. The meets are conducted once every month with a specific theme.

Such Entrepreneurs Clubs in India have helped entrepreneurs to establish a connection that have resulted in great beneficial associations and partnerships. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur who is looking forward to creating a space of your own in this wide world of entrepreneurs, then you must begin by enrolling yourself in such entrepreneurs clubs that will help you in carving the correct path to entrepreneurial success.


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