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Channing Tatum stars in and co-directs this road trip comedy, following an army ranger tasked with with transporting an unruly Belgian Shepherd across the Pacific Coast Highway to its owner’s funeral.
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Not groundbreaking stuff. But as a whole, Dog is credible as a small-scale drama with some moments of light, puppyish comedy…
This zany and satisfying tear-jerker is possibly the most Channing Tatum thing that anyone has ever made…
Dog is uneven in tone and quality but shows promise in the way Tatum and Carolin approach the story with care and heart.
A deeply thoughtful, surprisingly resonant look at trauma and what stems from it.
A crowd-pleasing brain holiday…
Tatum’s self-deprecating charm and Carolin’s script keep the story on the tolerable side of maudlin.
(Tatum’s) command of the role and his confident direction… make Dog a very engaging experience.
The movie is not wholly free of hokum. But watching Tatum is pure pleasure.
Dog… (tries) to do quite a bit, and perhaps bites off a little more than it can reasonably handle in 90 minutes.
Very entertaining.
Like John Travolta and Sylvester Stallone before him, Tatum is not an actor of particularly wide range, but he knows what his audience wants.
A moving perspective on the physical and emotional toll suffered by those who fight our wars.
A rough ride.
Reid and Tatums directorial instincts bring a fresh approach to this type of film. Its a pleasure to say that this is one good Dog.
(The) human-canine chemistry is warm and obviously unfeigned.
Forget about The Power of the Dog—what about the hunky power of a Magic Mike buddy comedy?
Air Bud, Gromit, Hooch: cinema isn’t short of heartwarming (and educational!) doggo characters.
Dog (2022) is now playing in 4 cinemas in Australia. Dog (2022) is available to stream in Australia now on Google Play and Apple TV and Prime Video Store.
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