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Intermittent fasting is a time-restricted way of eating where you fast for a set number of hours a day and only consume food outside those hours. Some people follow this diet daily, while others choose to do it a few days a week for weight loss purposes. Dr Sara Kayat spoke about the latest studies which suggest eating all meals before 3pm may help with weight loss. 
During an appearance on This Morning, Dr Sara explained: “250 studies were reviewed and they found that fasting for at least 14 hours a day does improve overall health. 
“It’s thought to be linked to our ‘hunter-gatherer’ ancestor type of diets and how they would’ve then. 
“There was one study that suggests eating between 6am and 3pm with a 15 hour overnight fast was the most natural for our body clock and that it boosted the way we managed our blood sugar levels. 
“Our visceral fat – it reduced are fat around the centre and reduced inflammation,” she added. 
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“Another study showed that if you eat more [calories] for breakfast rather than later, you can shift weight. 
“So in this case, 5.1kg over a 12 week period, and that it helps boost our gut bacteria which helps with our immune system. 
“Another two studies show eating between 8am and 2pm was good for helping us not feel hungry later on in the day and also good for what is called gene expression,” the expert revealed. 
The research review found changing our “eating hours” triggered a form of “metabolic jetlag” by making the body process food at a time of day it was not used to.
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Fasting 10-16 hours can cause the body to turn its fat stores into energy, which releases ketones into the bloodstream. 
This in turn encourages weight loss. 
There are several forms of intermittent fasting, the most simple is 12:12; fasting for 12 hours and having a 12-hour eating window. 
The 16:8 method is fasting for 16 hours and day and having an 8-hour eating window. 
On this fast, people usually finish their evening meal by 8pm and then skip breakfast the next day, not eating again until noon.dr sara weight loss this morning Fasting for two days a week, also known as the 5:2 diet is when people eat standard amounts of healthful food for five days and reduce calorie intake on the other two days.
During the two fasting days, men generally consume 600 calories and women 500 calories.
The most challenging form of fasting is the Eat-Stop-Eat diet which involves someone not eating for 24 hours at a time. 
Many people fast from breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch. 
People on this diet plan can have water, tea, and other calorie-free drinks during the fasting period.
This form of fasting may cause fatigue, headaches or irritability. 
Many find that these effects become less extreme over time as the body adjusts to this new pattern of eating.
Nevertheless, it is best to speak to a professional before embarking on this diet. 
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