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The film premiered at the 2021 Dallas International Film Festival.
Filmmaker Mye Hoang's documentary Cat Daddies has released its first trailer, telling the story of several male cat owners and their furry feline companions. The film will premiere this weekend at the 2021 Dallas International Film Festival. Hoang's film specifically focuses on David Giovanni, a homeless individual living in New York, and his cat Lucky. A long overdue silver lining for the two is disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and a terrifying medical diagnosis.
The documentary as a whole focuses on the effects of several male cat owners, and not just Giovanni. As evidenced by the trailer, Cat Daddies seeks to disrupt the stigma that men can't own and appreciate cats. While each man's story is wholly unique, they all share a deep love and passion for their purring, four-legged friends. Some of the other individuals in the film include a firefighter, schoolteacher, truck driver, stuntman, and Instagram influencer.
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Hoang is quite experienced in the festival circuit, having served as the Executive Director of the Asian Film Festival of Dallas, and the Artistic Director of the San Diego Asian Film Festival. She is a co-producer on another forthcoming documentary titled Ashima, which tells the story of Japanese American rock climber Ashima Shiraishi. Hoang has also directed some narrative features in I Will Make You Mine, which premiered at last year's South by Southwest (SXSW), and 2015's Man from Reno. Check out the teaser trailer for Cat Daddies below.
Here is the synopsis for Cat Daddies:
"CAT DADDIES focuses on David Giovanni who is living on the streets of New York, determined to stay together with his beloved cat, Lucky. When he’s finally granted a spot in a transitional housing facility that accepts cats, the COVID-19 pandemic and a devastating medical diagnosis put his future together with Lucky in doubt.
David’s journey is interspersed with portraits of other “cat dads” from all over the country and some who struggle to navigate the unprecedented events of 2020 with their little furry friends. They include a group of firefighters, a stuntman, a truck driver, a Bay Area tech worker, a schoolteacher whose cat becomes a viral sensation, and an actor/Instagram influencer. These men couldn’t be more different, but they share an unconditional love for their beloved pets. CAT DADDIES is a refreshing and timely exploration of modern masculinity and the unlikely bond between man and cat."
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