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Even though Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been over for a while, fans are still obsessed with it, creating and sharing memes on all social networks.
Since Pete Davidson is dating Kim Kardashian, he appeared in The Kardashians trailer and fans couldn’t be more excited. However, what a lot of people don’t remember is that Davidson once made a guest appearance in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In one of the funniest arcs of the TV show, Davidson plays Steven, a problematic young man who makes Amy’s Community Outreach Program very hard to go successfully.
Created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur (who also wrote Parks & Recreation and The Office), Brooklyn Nine-Nine is of the best sitcoms ever created. It combines humor with very well-developed characters and a lot of heart. During the eight years it lasted, this series had a tremendous impact on its audience and fans are constantly sharing memes and some of their favorite quotes on social media, and it doesn’t look like this is going to end any time soon.
At the beginning of the show, Jake likes to believe he’s a cool cop, like his Die Hard hero, John McClane. But in reality, he falls irrevocably in love with the nerdy girl. This meme makes a hilarious comparison with Jim, the protagonist of The Office when he asks Pam to marry him.
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Fans love Amy and Jake’s relationship because even though they seem to have very little in common, they fall hard for each other. Amy understands Jake’s messy side, and Jake embraces having a cultured and intelligent girlfriend and even reads the Harry Potter books because of Amy’s influence.
Kevin and Captain Holt are relationship goals. Even though when no one else understands them, they understand each other, and that’s all that matters. This meme makes fun of how both Kevin and Holt believe that shaking hands in front of everyone is an extremely passionate and visceral display of affection.
One of the most recurrent gags on Brooklyn Nine-Nine is Captain Holt’s and Kevin’s misunderstanding of common social customs. Captain Holt believes he conveys a lot with his gestures when others perceive him to always carry a poker face. When he introduces Kevin as his husband, it makes plenty of sense, because Kevin is just like him. Even though they seem cold, their interactions are wholesome and funny, and fans believe Kevin’s storylines are some of the best ones on the show.
Doug Judy is one of those side characters with main character energy, and fans love his storylines. Jake considers him his best friend, after Charles of course. However, Doug Judy is a criminal and Jake is a cop, which makes their relationship a forbidden bromance.
Time and time again Doug Judy tricks Jake into helping him get away with illegal agendas.  But Jake can’t stop trusting his friend, with whom he has an amazing connection. However, in the last season, it seems that Doug tricks Jake once again, but later it is implied that, in reality, Jake helps him escape from jail.
Throughout the show, Charles is Jake and Amy’s biggest fan to the point where they’re probably his OTP. He was the first to insinuate Jake had a crush on Amy and even encouraged him to ask her out. After Jake and Amy start dating, he’s even more excited about the couple than they are.
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However, his support quickly turns a bit invasive, and it’s one of the funniest gags on the show. Charles writes his speech for their wedding when the couple barely starts seeing each other, he asks inappropriate questions about their relationship dynamic, and he’s way too involved in their pregnancy attempts.
Even though he is very unlikable, no one can deny Hitchcock is one of the funniest side characters on the show. His laziness, lack of common sense, and obsession with food give way to a great comedy relief.
However, most of the time Hitchcock is irredeemable, even if he was a good cop when he was young. He tends to be particularly gross, makes inappropriate comments and it’s overall disgusting. One of the worse moments is when he doesn’t even wear a shirt to work because that way he can avoid staining it.
One of the funniest running jokes in the show is Terry’s obsession with yogurt. Everyone on the Precinct knows the way to Terry’s heart is by giving him one of these treats, so if they need something from him, they will always offer him one of his beloved yogurts. However, if anyone eats his yogurt, on purpose or by accident, they will face his rage.
It’s hilarious that Terry’s actor, Terry Crews, saw this news and immediately commented something very on character for him. There’s no doubt Terry would fight his family or some of his colleagues in the 99 if his favorite mango yogurt was on the line.
The Halloween Heists are the most loved episodes in the TV show. Since the first season, they became a stable of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and everyone knows they will get one of these storylines every season. What started as a feud between Jake and Captain Holt, became a tremendous event, with lots of drama and unexpected twists.
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The game consists of stealing a particularly hard-to-get object and keeping it for yourself, without anyone else realizing you got it. The same dynamic that these internet users described for the Olympics, which would be an outstanding addition – hopefully, one of the organizers of the Olympics will see this meme.
There’s nothing more iconic in Brooklyn Nine-Nine than Jake’s ‘title of your sex tape’ jokes. The way he masterfully crafts these puns creating some of the funniest moments on the show is impressive, and fans have become adept to use this line outside the TV series as well.
This meme is hilarious because Jake is pranking no other than Captain America this time. This is one of Captain America’s most iconic lines, which he’s repeated time and time again in the MCU movies, every time someone challenges his determination. However, the fandom saw an opportunity to make a ‘title of your sex tape joke’ and they used it.
This TV show has some truly iconic cold opens, and the most famous one is when Jake is interviewing a line of suspects to be able to figure out which one is a killer. The suspects, then, start singing the Backstreet Boys song so the victim’s sister can identify which is the murderer.
However, this is such a good song that Jake gets carried away with the musical experience and forgets his job as a police officer. Still, Jake is not the only one who gets “literal chills,” since it’s such a good moment. Any Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan knows this scene pretty well and, of course, all of them sing “now number five” each time they listen to this song.
Only true fans would recognize this meme. Each time a Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode ends, the usual credits roll down. The first one to appear is Fremulon’s logo, voiced by actor Nick Offerman, after which comes an animation of Dan Goor saying “Not a doctor, shhh.”
A fun fact about this animation is that producer and co-creator of the show, Dan Goor, was about to become a doctor before becoming a writer for the Daily Show, as he explained on a Tweet. Hence, the “not a doctor, shhh” bit. The show is so binge-worthy that the phrases get in the viewers’ heads, so it’s become an iconic part of the experience of watching this series.
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