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Sumit Singh from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is impressing his Instagram followers with a weight-loss transformation and style makeover.
Among the male 90 Day Fiancé cast members, Sumit Singh is known for his ever-changing hairstyles and drastic weight-loss transformation. Sumit had sent a friend request to Jenny Slatten while pretending to be Michael Jones on Facebook, and they soon began talking. After the couple started developing feelings for each other, Sumit revealed that he was catfishing her. Despite Sumit’s obvious lie and the 30-year age gap between them, Jenny continued dating Sumit via a long-distance relationship. A decade later, Jenny moved to India from Palm Springs, CA, and is happily married to Sumit.
Fate gave Jenny several chances to break up with her Indian beloved. Sumit’s parents had married their son off to a woman of their liking. However, he kept his marriage a secret from Jenny, who was in for a shock when the woman’s family confronted her. Sumit promised Jenny that he would get divorced, but he kept delaying the process. When it finally happened, Sumit had to take a $20,000 loan from his father to pay his ex-wife. While Sumit remained indebted to his parents, he also didn’t want to go against their wishes and marry Jenny.
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In 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 3, Sumit’s mother accepted Jenny with much hesitation. But she didn’t agree with Sumit and Jenny’s marriage plans, which the couple ended up pursuing anyway, but without informing his parents, Anil and Sadhna Singh. Fans hope to find out how Sumit revealed this shocking truth to his parents in his and Jenny’s next 90 Day Fiancé appearance. Until that happens, Sumit has kept fans intrigued with his weight-loss transformation and handsome makeover on Instagram, as many yearn to know his secrets.
When Sumit first met 90 Day Fiancé fans, viewers already doubted his intentions due to his catfishing history. Sumit wasn’t Michael Jones, as he’d claimed, but a call center employee from Delhi. When Jenny came to India, Sumit quit his call center job to spend more time with her. Sumit had told an Instagram follower that he’s a bachelor in business management, something that hasn’t been revealed on the show yet. When Sumit’s current look is compared to the old photos of him from college, he looks much fitter, which shows he had started focusing on his health after he hit his 30s.
In April 2021, Sumit and Jenny both tested positive for COVID-19. Since their recovery, have fans noticed how the couple seems to have become more conscious about their well-being. In June 2021, Sumit impressed his Instagram followers by showing his handsome side. Sumit looked more attractive than usual in his mirror selfies after losing a significant amount of weight. It was Jenny who revealed Sumit’s weight-loss secret by posting a video of him running inside the house while sweating in Delhi’s heat and humidity. Sumit soon shared photos of himself practicing yoga on International Yoga Day. Sumit looked flexible as he twisted and turned his body to do tree pose and standing forward bend.
While Sumit’s new physique impressed some 90 Day Fiancé fans, a few were left thinking that he had achieved his transformation using unhealthy means. A fan had asked Sumit, “why are you so skinny? Sumit are you sick?” on his yoga post. But Sumit assured the TLC viewer that he had lost weight due to “workout and trying to live healthy.” A year later, Sumit has managed to maintain his spectacular form and has also made changes to his overall appearance. Sumit, who used to wear his hair sleek and straightened with a middle parting, was seen flaunting his curls during his Goa vacation with Jenny. He’s also gone for a salt-and-pepper look for his trimmed beard, which fans think looks great on him.
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Source: Sumit Singh/Instagram
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