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Aren’t we all aware that to keep any relationship healthy, dates nights are mandatory? Keeping that spark alive in your marriage or relationship is needed after years of being together. After the initial dating phase subsides, it is still essential to make efforts to plan dates, go out of your comfort zones and organise something romantic for your partner as and when time permits. Most often, couples forget about date nights after the chase ending or getting too comfortable being in a relationship. However, that’s not reason enough to stop yourself from doing something special for each other or taking out quality time to make memorable moments. We have curated a list of easy date night ideas, which will help you rekindle with your partner and keep the romance in the relationship going.
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The pandemic has made us do many things at home. One of which was keeping yourselves entertained in the four walls of the house. Board games found great popularity as a group of friends or couples started investing in them and playing board games over online media. Couples can play two-player board games like Boggle, Connect, Jenga, Sequence or Scrabble. You can even invent your own games and keep treasure hunts for your partner. Reinvent the child in your by playing games on one of the date nights.

Who doesn’t love the therapeutic spa experience which relaxes your muscles while giving you mental peace at the same time? Book a couple’s spa experience with your partner and enjoy the therapy with aromatic massages after a hectic day at work. If you are too caught up to visit a spa, you can even plan a romantic in-house spa experience with aromatic oils, soothing music and warm water bubble baths to follow.
A surreal experience to witness is stargazing at midnight when the city sleeps and you have the sky to yourself with lesser pollution and noise. The best way to get the star-gazing experience is to plan a camping activity on the outskirts of the city limits where there are clearer skies and no noise to disturb. Spend a night with your loved one, counting the stars and making memories of a lifetime.
You can plan a dream date for your partner at the same place where you met him/her for the first time. Surprise your partner by wearing the same set of clothes (if you still possess them) and meeting them at the venue as strangers, just like you first met.
There will definitely be an activity which you always wanted to practice but didnt get the chance to because of work commitments or other factors. The activity may be anything from painting, pottery, dancing, cooking, which you would love to indulge in, with your partner. Let your partner share happy moments with you.
Some people have an instant connection with sunrises and sunsets. If you are someone who loves to chase the sunsets, plan a date at a seaside restaurant or go hiking to spot the best view of the sun setting into the horizon. This may be one of the most romantic activities that you do together.
If you and your partner are someone who loves the adrenaline rushes, plan an adventure activity such as rafting, bungee jumping or parasailing and enjoy the adventure together. There is definitely a romantic thrill to do any adventure activity together.
Which would be your next romantic date?

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