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From Chicago to Springfield, pet owners in Illinois could benefit from a pet health insurance policy to protect their pets and their wallets. If you live in the Prairie State, you have more than a dozen pet insurance providers to choose from.
We at the Home Media reviews team have narrowed down your options to the best pet insurance companies in Illinois so you can make an informed decision. We’ve reviewed the top pet insurance companies nationwide based on their rates, plans and customer reviews. Read on to compare quotes and see what each company has to offer.
Based on our extensive research, these are the seven best pet insurance providers in Illinois:
Lemonade is currently at the center of a class-action lawsuit regarding its alleged biometric data storage during the claims process. However, we still regard Lemonade as a trustworthy provider with solid customer satisfaction ratings, an easy user experience and affordable pet insurance policies.
Coverage: Lemonade has a few coverage options. Lemonade’s accident-and-illness policy covers veterinary bills for injuries, including cuts, broken bones and bite wounds, and illnesses such as arthritis and cancer. Covered costs include emergency care, diagnostics and procedures. The plan doesn’t apply to behavioral therapy, preexisting conditions, breeding costs or elective procedures.
Lemonade also has wellness care packages for routine care costs, puppy and kitten plans and physical therapy coverage.
We got quotes for 4-year-old, mixed-breed dogs and cats in Chicago using different deductibles, coverage caps and reimbursement amounts:
Get a quote: Use Lemonade’s online quote tool to get a tailored quote and enroll in coverage.
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Reimburses exam fees, which many providers exclude from coverage
Coverage: Spot offers four separate plans. Its accident-only plan provides affordable coverage for cuts, bite wounds and other injuries. The accident-and-illness plan extends coverage to also include illnesses, including heart disease and allergies.
Spot’s Gold preventive package provides $250 of annual coverage for routine care, such as dental cleanings and checkups. The Platinum plan increases these benefits to $450 per year.
Spot excludes preexisting conditions, cosmetic or elective procedures and breeding or pregnancy-related costs from its coverage.
We got a range of quotes from Spot for 4-year-old, mixed-breed dogs and cats in Chicago using numerous coverage limits:
Get a quote: To see what rates you can expect from Spot, get a quote on Spot’s website.
To learn more: Spot pet insurance review
Coverage: Trupanion offers one accident-and-illness plan with two optional add-ons. The accident-and-illness plan covers procedures, emergency care and other vet bills for accidents and illnesses.
The first add-on covers alternative therapies, such as chiropractic care and hydrotherapy. The second supplementary plan covers pet boarding fees if you’re hospitalized and can’t care for your pet as well as vacation cancellation coverage in case your pet’s illness prevents you from traveling. It also provides third-party liability coverage if your pet injures someone or damages their property and lost pet advertisement and reward money.
Trupanion does not cover preexisting conditions, exam fees, preventive care, elective or cosmetic procedures or breeding expenses.
Here are sample quotes we obtained using different deductibles for 4-year-old, mixed-breed pets in Chicago:
Get a quote: Complete Trupanion’s form for a free customized quote.
Coverage: Fetch’s accident-and-illness plan covers treatments, diagnostics, procedures and prescriptions for your pet’s accidents and illnesses. The company does not offer an accident-only plan or wellness care add-on. 
Fetch excludes elective and cosmetic procedures, breeding or pregnancy expenses, preexisting conditions and routine care costs from its coverage.
Its accident-and-illness plan includes coverage for pet boarding costs if you are hospitalized, vacation cancellation fees related to a pet’s accident or illness and advertisement and reward money if your pet goes missing. It also covers sick visit fees, which most providers exclude.
Take a look at the quotes below for 4-year-old, mixed-breed dogs and cats in Chicago, featuring varying coverage amounts and policy limits:
Get a quote: Customize a Fetch pet insurance policy by getting a quote on Fetch’s website.
To learn more: Fetch pet insurance review
Coverage: Embrace’s accident-and-illness policy offers $5,000–$30,000 of annual coverage for the treatment of your pet’s accidents and illnesses, such as fractures, toxic ingestions and skin conditions. It excludes preexisting conditions, cosmetic or elective procedures and vet bills related to breeding.
Embrace also offers a Wellness Rewards plan that reimburses your routine care costs, including grooming, flea and tick prevention and vaccinations. You can choose to add $250, $450 or $650 of annual wellness benefits to your plan.
We gathered quotes for 4-year-old, mixed-breed dogs and cats in Chicago to give you an idea of what Embrace’s policies cost:
Get a quote: Fill out Embrace’s quick form for a free pet insurance quote.
To learn more: Embrace pet insurance review
Coverage: Healthy Paws offers one stand-alone accident-and-illness plan. It features limitless coverage for your pet’s specialist care, emergency treatment, diagnostics and surgeries if it is injured or becomes ill. The plan excludes coverage of preexisting conditions, elective procedures, spaying and neutering and wellness care. Healthy Paws also doesn’t cover hip dysplasia during the policy’s first year.
Take a look at these sample Healthy Paws quotes for 4-year-old, mixed-breed dogs and cats in Chicago:
Get a quote: Fill out Healthy Paws’ simple online form for a free quote.
To learn more: Healthy Paws pet insurance review
Coverage: Figo’s accident-and-illness coverage is broken down into three plans. Each one reimburses bills for X-rays, prescriptions, surgeries and other essential treatments of covered conditions such as diabetes, broken bones and general sickness. 
The Essential plan offers $5,000 of annual benefits. The Preferred plan extends annual benefits to $10,000 and the Ultimate plan provides unlimited annual coverage. You can enhance your Figo policy vet exam fee reimbursement and wellness benefits for routine care costs.
Take a look at these sample Figo quotes to see what type of rates you can expect. These quotes are for 4-year-old, mixed-breed dogs and cats in Chicago:
Get a quote: Fill out a quick quote request for Figo.
Pet insurance can be broken down into three parts: coverage limit, annual deductible and reimbursement rate. The coverage limit is the maximum amount your provider will pay toward covered claims in one year, while the deductible is the amount you must pay out-of-pocket before coverage kicks in. The reimbursement rate is the percentage of the vet bill your insurer pays in the event of a claim.
There are three main types of pet insurance coverage:
Take these steps to ensure your four-legged friend gets the coverage it needs from a provider you can count on:
Based on our extensive research, the best overall pet insurance company in Illinois is Lemonade. Lemonade’s rates are competitive and its simple online tools streamline every step in the process, from comparing quotes to managing your policy.
However, what’s right for one pet owner might not be the best fit for all. Each of the companies we’ve reviewed offers distinct advantages. We recommend you compare quotes from at least three companies to decide which is best for you.
Get a Quote
Our Score
Monthly Cost*
Waiting Periods
Multi-pet Discount
Mobile App
Visit Lemonade
2 days for accidents; 14 days for illnesses

Visit Spot
14 days for all conditions

Visit Trupanion
5 days for accidents; 30 days for illnesses

Visit Fetch
$41. 92
15 days for all conditions

Visit Embrace
2 days for accidents; 14 days for illnesses


Healthy Paws
Visit Healthy Paws
15 days for accidents and illnesses

Visit Figo
Varies by ZIP code

*We obtained the sample premiums above for an accident-and-illness policy for a 4-year-old, medium-sized, mixed-breed dog in Chicago. Pricing may vary based on your pet’s age, breed and location, so we recommend getting quotes directly from companies for the most accurate cost information.
All of the pet insurance companies in our review are accepted nationwide. If you’re outside of the United States, we recommend Trupanion or Fetch by The Dodo. Fetch is accepted in Canada and Trupanion is accepted in Canada and Puerto Rico.
We don’t recommend carrying two pet insurance policies for the same pet at once. Many pet insurers have a stipulation in their policies that allows them to deny claims if you hold multiple policies.
Pet health care plans are a worthwhile investment for millions of pet parents. Our survey of 1,000 pet parents found that at least 40% of respondents had paid over $500 for an emergency vet bill. With pet insurance, you can relax knowing costly emergency bills will be covered.
Standard pet insurance plans don’t cover flea and worm prevention as these are considered to be preventive health care costs. However, these expenses may be covered by routine or wellness care plans. 
Our review of pet insurance companies is based on in-depth industry research that includes reading hundreds of customer reviews, simulating the quote and purchasing process, speaking to representatives on the phone to assess the customer service experience and surveying 1,000 dog and cat owners nationwide to determine the most important elements of pet insurance coverage. We have scored each provider on a 100-point scale based on those elements.
Here are more details about each factor and how they’re weighted:
We use our rating system to compare and contrast each company against key factors to help us determine the best pet insurance companies in the industry. Additionally, we keep our research up to date and revisit our reviews on a regular basis.
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