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They know a thing or two about staying positive in the face of obstacles.
Need a little motivation to get your week going? We sure did. American Ninja Warrior competitors know a thing or two about inspiring others, about doggedly going after what they want and the risks and work that goes into getting there.
We looked back through our interviews from season 13 and found five quotes that hit the nail on the head for us this week. Reminders that we can keep forging ahead as we each face daily obstacles.

Grant McCartney
Grant was telling us how he usually cuts weight for Ninja Warrior, trying to trim himself into what is considered a more successful body type for the sport. This time around, he let himself be.
“I hope I just feel good. I want to be proud of what I’m in. The suit I’m in feels good even if it’s heavier. I’m actually feeling mentally and physically really well.”

Charity LeBlanc
Charity comes across as a bubbly social media star. But she had struggled with her confidence on the course. A change in her mindset made a huge difference.
“I feel like I’ve always been physically strong and capable. But I think that having that mindset that I am able to do it, not think that I possibly could, but knowing I’m able, was a big switch for me. I feel really good. I feel really calm.”

Brett Hernandez Strong
Brett was a long-time American Ninja Warrior fan who literally dreamed of his chance at the course. A reminder to visualize whatever you’re chasing.
“I’ve dreamed about the moment over and over again. I know it sounds like a cliché thing to say. I’ve actually had dreams where I’ve been on the course. And I’m doing well!”

Julius Ferguson
Julius had two seasons of American Ninja Warrior end due to circumstances beyond his control. He also faced homelessness while still training. He never took his eyes off the prize he wanted.
“It was extremely disappointing but I never gave up on coming back because I know I did everything that I could and it wasn’t a failure on my part.”

Jesse Labreck
Before she finally cleared Stage One, Jesse reminded us of an important lesson. Work for what you want, but find pride in the process if the end goal becomes something else.
“That’s my goal. I’m fully aware that you don’t always reach your goals. But I’m going to keep trying for it. Until I decide to stop.”


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