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Make every moment special with your partner by possessing these couple theme stuffs.
In a relationship, gifts aid in treasuring love, affection, emotions and feelings you have for your partner. If you are one of those mushy couples, then you and your partner should possess something in common that will remind you of love every single day. Why not showcase this unbreakable bond of love and bag the ‘Couple Goals’ title to spire the rest of the world? Check out some couple theme stuff so you could feel love in the air wherever you go.
1. Heart Lock and Key Couple Bracelet and Pendant 
Rings are the purest form of highlighting commitments but bracelets and pendants strive hard to steal the thunder of rings. This Heart Lock and Key Couple Bracelet and Pendant is perfect to express your love towards your soulmate. It is stylish and causes no harm to skin. Go lock your love in the non-detachable accessories of love.
Price: Rs. 2599
Deal: Rs. 336
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2. Cotton Hooded Hoodies
Apareals are the best way to disseminate the fragrance of your love with the world. These cotton hooded hoodies are perfect OOTD for showcasing the purest bond between you and your partner. The tags printed on the hoodies make it perfect couple clothing of the season. 
Price: Rs. 2799
Deal: Rs. 1799
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3. King Queen Tshirt Dress 
Planning to spend the day with your loved one? Pick these couple dresses and elevate your feelings in a unique way. If you choose to stay colour coordinated every time you meet then there is no better option than these trendy. In addition, these couple combos are perfect for shoots or random photography. 
Price: Rs. 599
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4. Silver Crystal Elegant Couple Ring 
Rings enter in the relationship arena by default. They are the most recommended way of confessing love and commitments. It will remind you of the unbreakable bond that you share with your partner. What’s more? These rings are adjustable. 
Price: Rs. 1996
Deal: Rs. 369
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5. Silver Plated Broken Heart Couple Locket
Lockets are very symbolic and a distinctive piece of accessories. You can reminisce of your partner who completes you and the heart in the locket. If you call your partner your ‘better half’ then you should possess these lockets to set higher couple goals. 
Price: Rs. 1099
Deal: Rs. 499
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Help people to get inspired from you and your love. Let me fall in love all over again with you being the most ideal couple. Pick these couple theme stuff and impress everyone with your kind of bond and commitment. It is time to bag the ‘Couple Goals’ title.
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