32 'The Office' Quotes About Love – Romper


All jokes aside, the love stories are the best part of the series.
Could a workplace sitcom with a hilariously talented ensemble cast be perfect the source of inspiration for the message you write in your partner’s Valentine’s Day card? For super fans of The Office, it sure could be. But what’s the best line from the show to pick? Well, there’s actually a lot of The Office quotes about love to choose from, so it’s hard. (That’s what she said.)
The show’s romantic couplings are some of the greatest in TV history — Jim and Pam, Michael and Holly, Dwight and Angela, and of course, Phyllis and Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration. Their stories show how true love can transcend the monotony of sitting in a squeaky chair under florescent lighting all day. But the show also focuses a lot on the love of friendship and how sometimes the people you work with every day become like your family. Not to mention, the love fans still have for The Office today. So really, there’s just a lot of love to be had when you look back on the show.


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