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By Audrey Jaber — Written on Apr 20, 2021
Maybe your friends and family hate your partner. Perhaps you’re left constantly feeling insecure in the relationship or questioning their secretive past. They might act controlling or even abusive.
These are all major red flags, but often when you’re in the throes of a relationship, they are much easier to ignore than deal with, especially when you are donning rose-colored glasses.
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According to Psych Central, red flags are “signs that insinuate that compatibility is not at the forefront early on — and that truth could have been buried, inherently, deep down.”
When these red flags occur, you are usually aware of them, but choose to ignore them in favor of continuing the relationship.
Because you so badly want the relationship to last, you look at it through your rose-tinted glasses, meaning you only see your partner’s good points and never their flaws.
You constantly give them the benefit of the doubt, but at some point, a red flag should not be ignored.
Deep down, you are probably aware of the problems, and it’s important to listen to your intuition when it is sending you a warning.
If you want a relationship to continue, you are likely to ignore some red flags to remain open-minded and optimistic.
You know how to spot red flags in a relationship, but set your feelings aside despite the future pain wearing rose-colored glasses may cause you down the road.
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This is especially pertinent if you are already in a vulnerable state.
For example, if jumped into a new relationship while still recovering from a breakup, you are likely to ignore any red flags in order to avoid more heartbreak. You don’t want to blame a new person for things someone else did in your past. 
Compared to the pain you felt when the previous relationship ended, the red flags may not seem as daunting. You may still be full of self-doubt, so rather than let go, you hold on. You view things through a light that is positive, even when you should turn and walk away.
Another reason that you may find yourself ignoring red flags is that you would rather hope that the situation will improve than give up on it.
According to Psych Central, “it’s only human, it’s only natural, to hope that something better is on the horizon if issues are present. It’s understandable to want to transcend the relationship conflict that’s occurring, even if that conflict is a byproduct of fundamental differences.”
Though what looks like a red flag to one person, may not to another, it is vital to listen to your gut in those situations.
It may seem preferable to repeatedly give your partner the benefit of the doubt, however, when you constantly ignore red flags, you are really hurting yourself in the long run.
Red flags are often warnings of something worse to come, so sometimes it is best to end the relationship now before it becomes any more serious. 

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