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Relationship marketing is about building solid, long-lasting relationships in business that are both mutually beneficial and profitable.
Recently, I was reminded of that when I attended a gathering that was about living life fully, learning from economics, history, marketing, healthy eating, investing, improving personal skills and more.
It is an annual gathering held in Las Vegas every July called FreedomFest. This year, more than 2,500 people attended to learn and to grow personally and professionally while building relationships.
As a professional speaker who regularly shares how to build relationships in business around the world, I was impressed with this year’s FreedomFest.
Here three lessons learned for relationship marketing:
Today’s world requires continual learning. One of the best ways to do that is through regular attendance and participation in conferences, seminars and workshops. Budget the time, money and energy to be at those events that can help you professionally and personally.
This is a tough one. We all like to read those sources that reinforce our existing ideas. However, you grow more as you encounter opposing views. It sharpens your thinking. FreedomFest is comprised of people with views ranging from traditional conservatives to libertarians and anarcho-capitalists.
The big event this year was a debate between Steve Moore, an economist with the conservative Heritage Foundation, and Paul Krugman, a liberal economist who writes for The New York Times. I think it demonstrated a lot of courage on the part of Krugman to be there. He was treated with respect and people listened to his points of view.
Donald Trump also spoke, and the audience welcomed his presentation, even while disagreeing with several points.
Our world would be better if we could all learn from opposing points of view. Hear them out. Read what they have to say. Engage in respectful discussions where we all walk away learning, even if we don’t agree. This builds relationships both in business and our personal lives. Expand your world by looking at views that are opposed to yours. We all change. Be open to new ideas and think about how they can help you. Remember that Patton studied Rommel. Learn from others and you’ll better yourself.
It is way too easy to get entrenched in reading the same types of topics from the same authors and thought leaders. I found it very helpful to learn about topics that I don’t normally cover. I read a lot about business, marketing and social media. These are comfortable areas for me, since I speak about them regularly.
It is very good to commit to studying other topics like health, nutrition, writing, history, economics and many others. Develop a ravishingly hungry mind to learn from many beneficial areas. You’ll live a richer and more abundant life by experiencing a variety of new ideas. Continue to take a fresh, new, curious-mind approach to life. Push yourself to explore new worlds, new subjects and yes, new people. That is a big part of building relationships and connecting with others.
I’ve referred to FreedomFest as a “wow experience” in the past. How can you make your product, service and presentation to your customers a “wow” experience? By expanding your mind, you’ll be able to hear more “wow” from your customers and build strong business relationships.
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