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When you decide to get a puppy, one of the best parts (besides cuddling with it) is getting to pick out its name! Choosing one, may seem like it’ll be a piece of cake, but with so many unique dog names out there, picking one that’s perfect for your big, large dog breed can be hard. Not only does it need to be cute, but it also needs to be something you like. 
To help you narrow down your search, we rounded up 250 big dog names. There are unique ones that are uber-cute like, Fozzie and even ones inspired by movies, like Beethoven. Plus, since you’re looking for a name for a big dog breed, we also have some names listed that are larger than life, like “Grizzly” and “Hulk.”
Read through all 250 big dog names listed, as well as the description of each name.  When you come across the right one for your new pal, you’ll know it! Trust us, the perfect name for your pet is below.
1. Abel
This Biblical name means “breath.”
2. Ace
This name has Latin origin and means “one.”
3. Alaska
This state’s name originates from the Aleut aleyska, meaning “the mainland.” 
4. Alpha
With Greek origin, this name means “dominate.”
5. Artemis
Meaning “butcher,” this name is of Greek origin.
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6. Axel
This name is of Hebrew origin and means “father is peace.”
7. Bash
A large and in charge dog needs a name like this that means “commander.”
8. Bear
“Strong” is what this Old German name means, which is ideal for a big dog.
9. Bebop
This name comes from a type of jazz that originated in the 1940s.
10. Beethoven
A name of a famous composer, this also means “beetroot farms.”
11. Bernie
A name of Old French origin, this name means “bold as a bear.”
12. Biggie
This Scottish and English name usually relates to size and is perfect to call a large dog.
13. Blue
Of English origin, this refers to the color of the same name and is also a surname.
14. Boo
This has Scottish origin and means “a loud and startling sound.”
15. Boomer
This fun name actually means “gatekeeper.”
16. Boozer
This name is a Dutch and English surname.
17. Bronx
Not to be confused with the famous NYC bough, this name means “Bronck’s Land.”
18. Bubbles
Meaning “vesicles of water,” it’s of Middle Low German origin.
19. Buddy
“Friend” is what this American name means.
20. Bullet
This American name means “lightning-like, swift and sturdy.”
21. Butterscotch
Derived from the word “scotch,” it has European origin. 
22. Buster
“Tough guy” is the meaning behind this American name.
23. Buzz
With American roots, this name means “village in the woods.”
24. Cash
Hailing from America, this name means “maker or chests.”
25. Champ
Short for “champion,” it has Middle English origin.
26. Chase
An occupational name for a huntsman, this has Middle English origin.
27. Chief
“Spiritual leader and in charge” is what this Native American rooted name means.
28. Chocolate
If you’re looking for a sweet name for your big furry friend, this French origin candy name is for you.
29. Chunky
This Gujarati name means “strong.”
30. Cinder
This is American and means “smoldering ash.”
31. Cinnamon
This comes from the Hebraic and Arabic term “amomon,” which means “fragrant spice.”
32. Clifford
This is a well-known storybook dog’s name, as well an English surname.
33. Clooney
This is an Irish surname and derives from the word “cluna.” 
34. Cloud
This is an Old English surname and is a perfect name for a fluffy, white dog.
35. Cupid
Meaning “desire,” this is the name of the Greek god of love.
36. Dagon
In the Bible, this name means “fish.”
37. Dakota
This American name translates to “friend.”
38. Dallas
This name means “from the meadow” and is of Scottish origin.
39. Dax
This French name means “leader.”
40. Diesel
This name is mainly used in English and Australian languages and symbolizes virility and speed.
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41. Dozer
This American word is short for “bulldozer.”
42. Duke
This is a royal title and means “title of nobility.”
Meaning “reflective sound,” this name has Greek origin.
44. Eclipse
With Native American origin, this name means “son or daughter of the moon.”
45. Eskimo
If you have a snow dog, consider naming them this name. It comes from the Montagnais word “ayas̆kimew,” meaning “a person who laces a snowshoe.”
46. Everest
This is an English surname and the name of the highest mountain above sea level.
47. Fenix
Hailing from the Greek islands, this unisex names means “dark red.”
48. Flash
This American name means “bright light.”
49. Forest
“Woodsman” or in this case, “woods dog” is what this French name means.
50. Freckles
If your pet has brown markings, this name suits them.
51. Frosty
“One who is cool and crisp” is what this English-American name means.
52. Fozzie
This American name was made famous by the character on The Muppet Show.
53. Gemini
Coming from Latin origin, this name means “the twins.”
54. General
“A commander of an army” is the meaning of this.
55. Ghost
“Soul” is what this Ancient Egyptian name means.
56. Gizmo
If you’re looking for a fun name, this one means “thingamabob or thingamajig.”
57. Goliath
This Biblical name simply means “giant.”
58. Godzilla
Meaning “particularly enormous,” this name is fitting for any big breed of dog. 
59. Goober
“Silly” sums up the meaning behind this name.
60. Grizzly
Meaning “a mixture of dark and white hairs,” this name belongs to a big dog fitting that description.
61. Gunner
Of Scandinavian origin, this means “bold warrior.”
62. Hardy
“Courageous” is what this French name means.
63. Harley
Hailing from Old English, this means “wood.”
64. Hercules
This mythology-inspired name is Greek and belonged to Zeus’ son.
65. Hershey
This famous name comes from the worldwide chocolate company and would be a good match for a dark brown colored dog.
66. Honey
“A term of endearment” is what this English origin name means.
67. Hooligan
This is of Irish origin and means “troublemaker.”
68. Hoover
In Dutch, this means “a landowner.”
69. Hunter
This English name means “one who hunts.”
70. Hulk
“Large and enormous” is what this English rooted name means.
71. Hurricane
This name is linked to the ancient Taino word “hurakán,” meaning “god of the storm.”
72. Iggy
This name has Latin origin and means “fiery.”
73. Indiana
Of Latin origin, meaning “from India”
74. Indigo
“A rich shade of blue” is what this name means. 
75. Iron
Derived from the Anglo-Saxon word  “iren,” this means “silver-white metallic element.”
76. Jager
Meaning “hunter,” this name is of German origin.
77. Jasper
With Persian origin, this means “treasurer.”
78. Jedi
This has Japanese origin and is most famously known from Star Wars films.
79. Jelly
This is a Scottish Surname.
80. Jelly Bean
“A sugar-glazed bean-shaped candy,” is what this refers to.
81. Jinx
“A charm or spell” is what this means.
82. Judge
“Decision maker” is what this Middle English and Old French name means.
83. Jupiter
“Of the sky and weather” is what this Greek name means.
84. Kellogg
This is an English occupational name for a pork butcher.
85. Kingston
Old English origin, this means “king’s settlement”.
86. Knight
This English name means “youth.”
87. Kobi
With Hungarian origin, this is also a variant of the name “Jacob” and means “he who supplants.”
88. Koda
This name is of Japanese origin and means “rice paddy of happiness.”
89. Lady
If your pup likes being in charge, this name meaning “female head of a household” is perfect for her.
90. Lightning
This is a surname and is derived from the Old English word “leoht,” which means “light.”
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91. Lion
This name is derived from the Latin word “leo,” meaning “of great strength.”
92. Lingo
This Scottish surname comes from the lands of Lingoch.
93. Lennox
Hailing from Scottish and Gaelic origin, this name means “with many elm trees.”
94. Levi
This boy’s name means “attached.”
95. Liberty
“Freedom” is what this name of Middle English origin means.
96. Lucky
“Of good fortune” is what this English name means.
97. Luna
With Latin origin, this means “moon.”
98. Lyric
This dog name means “words of a song” and hails from the land across the pond, England.
99. Mack
If your dog is a lady’s man, that’s pretty much what this name means.
100. Macho
A super-tough and strong dog disserves this name. 
101. Magic
“Full of wonder,” is what this American name translates to.
102. Magnolia
With Latin origin, this means “Magnol’s flower.”
103. Major
The Latin meaning of this name is “greater.”
104. Maple
This Old English word means “sap of a tree.”
105. Marley
Of English origin, this name means “pleasant seaside meadow.
106. Marmaduke
With Irish and Gaelic origin, this name means “ leader of the seas.”
107. Mammoth
Dating back to around 1700, this Russian name means “Earth.”
108. Marshmallow
If your dog is huge, white and fluffy, this sweet treat’s name might be contender.
109. Maximus
In Latin, this means “largest.” Talk about a good name for a giant dog.
110. Meatball
“A plump ball,” is one meaning of this word.
111. Merlin
“Magician” is what this American rooted word means.
112. Mickey
With Hebrew and English origin, this name means “Who resembles God?”
113. Midnight
This name means “12:00 AM” and is of American origin.
114. Minnie
Meaning “intellect,” this popular Disney character name is also great for a dog.
115. Mocha
This means “chocolate-coffee flavor.”
116. Mochi
This Japanese name means “rice cake.”
117. Montana
This name is of Spanish origin and means “mountainous.”
118. Moon
This out-of-this-world name is actually a surname of English origin.
119. Moose
Of Native American origin, this means “largest species in the deer family.”
120. Mystic
“Otherworldly practices” is what this Middle English name means.
121. Nacho
Short for “Ignacio,” this Spanish name means “fiery.”
122. Napoleon
French is the origin of this name, which means “person from Naples, Italy.”
123. Nelly
“Light” is what this English name means.
124. Neon
“Bright and energetic” is what this Ancient Greek name means.
125. Nessa
This name means “lamb” in Latin.
126. Night
“Evening” is what this American origin name means.
127. Ninja
“Someone who excels in the Japanese art of ninjutsu” is the meaning behind this name.
128. Nova
In Latin, this means “new.”
129. Oatmeal
“Grayish-beige color flecked with brown,” is what this means.
130. Ollie
“Elf army” is what the English rooted name means.
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131. Omega
“Greek letter” is what this name means.
132. Oregano
This comes from the Greek word “oros,” meaning “mountain.”
133. Orbit
“A curved path” is what this means.
134. Oswald
Derived from Old English elements meaning “ruler.”
135. Otis
This Old German name means “wealth.”
136. Ox
Named after the animal, this name has Dutch origin.
137. Oz
“Unreal,” is what this name means.
138. Ozzy
This Old English name means “spear of the gods.”
139. Pancake
Hailing from American origin, this is also known as a “flapjack” and means “thin cake of batter.”
140. Panda
If your dog is “a large animal like a bear that has black and white fur,” consider calling it this name.
This is a slang name for “friend.”
142. Pebbles
Made famous by the TV show The Flinestones, this cute name means “small rocks.”
143. Pepper
“Berry” is what this name of English origin means.
144. Peppermint
This was coined in the 17th century and means “a strong, fresh flavoring.”
145. Pesto
This is a Genovese word, which means “to pound or to crush.”
146. Phantom
“Ghost-like” is what this Middle English name means.
147. Pharaoh
“Ruler,” is what this means in Latin.
148. Phoenix
This Greek name means “dark red.”
149. Piper
Of Russian origin, this name means “pipe or flute.”
150. Pluto 
Of Greek origin, this name means “rich” and is also a Roman god’s name.
151. Polka Dot
If you have a Dalamatian, this name that means “large round dots repeated to form a regular pattern,” would be perfect.
152. Pongo
This is Britain military slang for “soldier.”
153. Poseidon
This is the name of the Greek god of the sea, earthquakes and horses.
154. Prince
This means “royal son” in Latin.
155. Princeton
sOf English origin, this means “princely town.”
156. Pudding
This is a slang name that means “attractive.”
157. Puffball
“A ball-like fluffy body” is what this name means.
158. Pumpkin
An American term of endearment that is similar to “sweetheart.”
159. Queen
“Female ruler” is what this name means.
160. Quentin
Meaning “fifth,” this name is of French origin.
161. Raffi
Of Arabic origin, this name means “noble.”
162. Ragu
With Indian roots, this name means “center of attraction.”
163. Rainbow
“Arched colors” is what this unique and fun Old English name means.
164. Rajah
The meaning of this Hindi name is “king.”
165. Rambo
Rambo is a surname with Norwegian and Swedish origins.
166. Ranger
An occupational name for a gamekeeper or warden is what this English rooted name means.
167. Rebel
“Having little respect for authority,” is what this name of French origin means.
168. Riker
A cognate of the name “Richard,” this is also a surname.
169. Ripley
This is a very ancient surname derived from the Old English word “ripel.”
170. Rocky
The name originally comes from the Italian variation of  “Rocco.”
171. Royal
“Of the king,” is what this English rooted name means.
172. Rex
With Latin origin, this means “king.”
173. Saber
Meaning “sword,” this boy’s name is of French origin.
174. Samson
This is of Hebrew origin and means “sun.”
175. Scooter
“Person from Scotland” is what this name of American origin means.
176. Simba
The Swahili word for “lion,” this is also the name of a famous Disney character.
177. Sky
Meaning “the heavens,” this name is of Scandinavian origin.
178. Snickerdoodle
This name refers to a popular cookie that is sprinkled with cinnamon.
179. Snow
Of English origin, this is typically known as a surname.
180. Snowball
“Packed snow” is what this wintery name means.
181. Sonny
Sonny is derivative of the English word “Son.”
182. Spade
With English origin, this is actually “a gardening tool with a sharp-edge.”
183. Spark
“Ignite” is what this Old English name means.
184. Star
With American origin, this name means “luminous.”
185. Steel
“Hard and durable” is what this boy name means.
186. Stormi
This name means “impetuous nature” and is of American origin.
187. Sully
Of Old English origin, this name means “south meadow.”
188. Tarzan
You’ve probably heard this name from the famous 1999 Disney animation-it means “white skinned.”
189. Tanzy
This name means “immortality” in Greek.
190. Teddy
“Wealthy protector” is what this Old English name means. 
191. Tiga
This name is a variation of the name “Tiger” and is of English origin.
192. Tigger
This name is best known from the storybook The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. 
193. Thaddeus
This name means “gift of God.”
194. Theodore
This hails from the Greek name “Theódoros,” which means “God-given.”
195. Thunder
“A loud rumbling” is the definition of this weather-inspired name.
196. Tilly
This German name means “battle-mighty.”
197. Titan
“Defender” is what this bold Greek name means.
198. Topaz
With Latin origin, this name means “golden gem.”
199. Trinity
“The threefold personality of the one divine being,” is what this name means.
200. Trojan
In early Slavic records, this name means “a mythical creature.”
201. Turbo
This derives from the English word “turbine.”
202. Twinkle
“A star of light” is the meaning behind this name.
203. Twister
“A ball with a forward and spinning motion,” is the definition of this name.
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204. Tyrone
This means “from the land of the yew tree: and is of Irish origin.
205. Tyson
This name comes from the French “tison,” meaning “firebrand.”
206. Tofu
This name is perfect for any foodie and has Chinese origin.
207. Utah
Deeply rooted in Native American culture, this name means “people of the mountains.”
208. Vader
This German name means “father.”
209. Valentino
This name is related to the Latin name Valentine and means “strong.”
210. Vector
In Latin, this means “carrier.”
211. Velvet
This name means “soft fabric” and is of American origin.
212. Viking
This means “Scandinavian seafaring pirates.”
213. Viper
“Spiteful” is what this Latin name means.
214. Vixen
This is of Old English and means “spirited or fierce.”
215. Volt
“An electromotive force” sums up this name.
216. Vortex
This means “a whirlwind” in Latin.
217. Vogue
“One that is fashionable” is the definition of this fancy name.
218. Vulture
“One who preys on others” is what this means.
219. Waffle
This name is Dutch and derives from the Middle Dutch word “wafele.”
220. Waki
Of Native American origin, the meaning of this name is “shelter.”
221. Waldo
With German origin, this name means “to rule”.
222. Wallace
This name has English origin and means “foreigner, stranger.”
223. Wally
“Conquers,” is what this German name means.
225. Warrick
This Old German name means “leader who defends.”
226. Warrior
“Fighter,” is what this means.
227. Washington
Hailing from Old English, this is a popular surname.
228.  Waverly
This unisex name is of British origin and means “from the Brushwood field.”
229. West
This is of Old English origin and means “western stream.”
230. Wild
Taken from the Old English word “wilde,” this name means “growing in the natural environment.”
231. Winnie
This Welsh name means “fair one.”
232. Winter
This name means “the coldest season of the year.”
233. Wish
“To express a strong desire for something,” is what this English name means.
234. Wizard 
“One who has magical powers” is what this name means.
235. Wolf
This is derived from the Old English word “wulf,” meaning “a wild carnivore dog.”
236. Wonka
This is a surname, most famous from the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.
237. Wrangler
If your dog is a breed known for herding livestock, that’s the definition of this name.
238. Xena
With Greek origin, this name means “stranger.”
239. Yeti
This name means  “a large, haired creature that resembles a bear.”
240. Yogi
Perfect for a dog with a zen personality, this name means “practitioner of yoga.”
241. Zander
If you want your dog to be your protector, this Spanish name means “man’s defender.”
242. Zara
Of Arabic origin, this means “radiance.”
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243. Zelda
“Strong woman” is what this feminine name means.
244. Zeus
The name of a Greek god, this means “shining.”
245. Ziggy
Meaning “victorious protector,” this name is also a nickname for the name “Zigmund” and is of German origin.
246. Zoe
The Greek version of this name means “life.”
247. Zoom
“Energetic woman” is the meaning of this fun name.
248. Zoro
This Spanish name means “sly.”
249. Zuri
“Beautiful” is what this Swahili name means.
250. Zuzu
Meaning “lily,” this name is of Czech origin.
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