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Are you looking for the right life quotes but can’t think of the perfect one? Because we’ve compiled 160 life quotes that are great for any occasion.
Life Quotes to Motivate, Inspire, and Make You Think
Once in awhile, you’ll be searching for the perfect thing to say to no avail. In fact, even the most creative minds suffer from mental blocks.
Occasionally, you might need to make a toast or you’re trying to make a good impression. In another case you might just want something fun to add to your email signature.
That’s when you need a good quote. Of course, you aren’t neglecting your own self expression when you quote another person. Because when others have so eloquently said what you want to say, it would be foolish to try to rework it.
Whether you need inspiration, a motivating message to get you through the day, or a reminder that you’re not alone in your struggles, there’s a quote to suit your situation. In short, you just have to find it. In order to help you on your search, we have 160 life quotes to help motivate, inspire, and make you think.
Inspirational Quotes About Life and Family
Due to the many family holidays and birthdays, you have your hands full keeping up with your family. Of course, that doesn’t mean looking for an inspirational quote about life and family should be exhausting. After all, they’re your family.
So, that’s why whether it’s your family by blood, or the family you choose, we have the perfect family life quotes for you!
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Family Quote by George Bernard Shaw
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Deep Quotes for Life
Given that inspiration comes from many places, finding a source of inspiration might seem difficult.
Whether it’s from the smallest acts of kindness, or the greatest accomplishments of successful people, inspiration for a better life is all around you. However, you might stumble upon disheartening situations.
Whenever you need an extra boost of inspiration, we have 20 deep quotes for life that will inspire you to do great things in life.
Deep Quote about Life by Ashton Kutcher
Love Life Quotes
When you fall in love you’ll find yourself reading poetry, singing songs, and smiling while thoughts of your lover flood your mind. In fact, love can easily take over your mind, body, and soul. Of course, that’s kind of what people are looking for…
But without reservation you’ll find yourself overindulging in any and all mentions of love. Sooner or later you’ll become lost in love’s tender clutches. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with falling hard as long as you can expect a gentle landing.
So, overindulge with us and fall even deeper with 20 love life quotes.
Love of my life quotes
Positive Life Quotes
In order to find happiness, you never need to look too far. Because life is full of reasons to be happy, or at the very least, reasons to spread happiness.
Whether you’re searching for happiness in life, or you’ve already found it and just want to revel in that moment, positive life quotes will keep you feeling uplifted. Nevertheless, one person’s idea of happiness might be different from yours. But that should never take away from your own happiness.
Therefore we have 20 positive life quotes to help set the vibe right for you to receive all the happiness in the world.
Positive Life Quote by Hellen Keller
Motivational Quotes for Life
When the going gets tough, it’s easy to want to give up. But motivation doesn’t have to seem like a lost cause.
Although some people can easily self-motivate, others don’t have that extra drive. Whether you find motivation within yourself, or through the words and actions of other people, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.
So, help keep your head in the game with 20 motivational quotes for life that encourage you to never back down.
Good quotes about life
Meaningful Quotes on Life
From time to time life feels like it couldn’t get any better. Then other times life can be a whirlwind of confusion. So confusing that it can be difficult to find meaning in life at all.
Of course, meaningful life experiences are subjective and what means something to you might not mean as much to another person. But that doesn’t take away from the meaning you derive from said experiences.
However, you might need a reminder of where to look for the meaning and your life’s purpose. Therefore, read through these meaningful quotes on life to remind you of life’s greater purposes and joys.
Live life quotes by Morgan Freeman
Sad Quotes About Life and Loss
Occasionally, we just need a pity party. Because, it feels good to wallow in your misery sometimes. In fact, you can experience catharsis by watching a sad movie, listening to sad music, or by reading about pain and suffering.
Furthermore, part of life is accepting that there will be loss and sadness. And since misery loves company, we have 20 sorrowful life quotes to remind you that you’re not alone in your pain.
Life changing quotes by Willie Nelson
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Funny Quotes About Life
Of course, not everyone is a comedian. However, life is certainly funny. Whether you’re laughing at yourself, or the world around you. Sometimes all you can do is laugh, even when life seems difficult.
But if you’re floundering for the right comedic edge, you might need to brush up on some funny quotes.
In addition, it’s also helpful to understand humor and the effect it has on people, in order to have better delivery. Therefore, we have 20 funny quotes about life to help you appreciate all of life’s comedy stylings.
Happy life quotes by Jim Carrey
Next time you need to make an impactful statement, but start to feel tongue tied, you can use one of the life quotes from the above list. Moreover, if you want you can even write some down to remind you to laugh more at life, or help you stay motivated.
Additionally, you’ll benefit from knowing where some of these famous words came from. Whether your goal is to educate, or express yourself, there’s always a good life quote you can use.
So, what are your favorite life quotes? Were you able to find a new favorite quote while reading this list? By all means, tell us which quotes made the cut in the comments. Or better yet, bookmark this list for later!
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