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Which one will you choose for your new best friend?
If there’s been one positive thing to come out of the tough year that was 2020, it’s that the number of animal adoptions has risen dramatically. As people continue to work remotely, more pets are expected to find forever homes, and one of the best parts about bringing a new dog into home is picking out a name that suits him perfectly. If you’re part of the growing group of pet parents, take a look at our list of best boy dog names below, inspired by everything from pop culture to nature, favorite foods to fictional characters (need female name ideas instead? See our list of 100 best girl dog names). Once you’ve picked out the perfect moniker, you can also turn to researching other canine essentials, like best dog beds, dog gifts, and even the best dog Instagram captions for the inevitable flood of adorable puppy content.
If the names “Charlie” and “Max” are top of mind, you’re not alone! According to pet medical insurance company Trupanion, these were the top boy dog names of 2020:
Pet parents have been doing a lot of gaming in 2020 if the rise of dogs named for popular game characters is any indication. According to Rover.com, these gaming-inspired names have become way more common this year:
According to Rover.com, dog owners also really love their beverages, so much so that coffee-and-cocktail-related names have trended upwards this year:
Other boy dog names inspired by food and drinks:
Naming dogs for a favorite sports team or player has always been a popular way to go, and 2020 was no exception. According to Rover.com, top names inspired by athletes this year include:
According to the American Kennel Club, these other names inspired by sports legends are also popular:
And for names inspired by sports terms, don’t forget:
Dog parents have appreciated the tranquility a day spent in nature can bring more than ever this year, and the great outdoors can also serve as a source for dog name ideas:
Looking to a favorite book, film, or TV show for name inspiration is always a good way to go. A few of our top picks:
Or go with the actor’s name that’s trending for dogs this year: Keanu.
While trends are fun, there are also plenty of charming dog names that have stood the test of time to choose from. You might go with:


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