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Eating small portions of unhealthy foods over healthy meals can stop you from losing weight
Losing weight can be a long process that requires a lot of patience. Even if you are following a proper routine, it might take a few months and years to reach your goal. Over this, many times when you are working out religiously, you might still not see the results you want. There are various factors that influence our weight loss. Here are few reasons you might not be losing weight.
Not drinking enough water
Drinking adequate amounts of water is necessary if you want to lose weight. Water has been proven to boost metabolism and help in burning fat faster. In addition to this, drinking water before meals can help you avoid overeating. 
Many people consume honey lemon water thinking that it would help them get rid of those extra kgs, however, that may not be true. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee reveals the same in her video.
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Eating less but not healthy
Oftentimes, people prefer fasting and eating junk over eating a healthy diet. Although it is true, burning more calories than you are eating does make you lose weight, it it still important to keep in mind what are you eating. Eating unhealthy food is like feeding your body wrong fuel.
Not eating a balanced diet
People often resort to fasting, eating small portions of junk and what not. This not only makes losing fat impossible but also deprives the body of the nutrients it needs. These nutrients are responsible for boosting weight loss. Eating adequate nutrients and minerals help us burn fat faster along with energising us for a longer period. 
Not eating enough protein
Protein is one of the main aspects that help us lose weight. It has been proven to boost metabolism. Protein gives us energy to workout and also promotes faster fat burn. Many people resort to eating salads and fruits in order to lose weight. This might decrease their energy levels and make them feel lethargic due to lack of protein in their diet. 
Not getting enough sleep 
Sleeping is an integral part of a healthy routine. It helps us recharge and reset our body as well as our mind. Studies show that lack of proper sleep might encourage obesity or cause sleep disorders. These disorders might further reduce your energy levels, affecting your workout routine. 
Not doing enough cardio
Eating healthy and working out go hand in hand. As mentioned in the beginning, to successfully lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. Only at this calorie-deficit state would your body be forced to breakdown the fat. Walking, running, jogging, exercising, swimming, playing sports, etc. are all different ways in which you can partake in workouts. 
Not lifting weights
There is often a misconception that you only need to lift weight to gain muscles and not lose weight. However, lifting weights make your muscles heat up, causing the fat around them to burn. Hence, incorporating some weight-lifting might help you lose stubborn fat. 
Drinking too much alcohol 
Another reason for you not losing weight can be alcohol. We often don’t account for how many calories alcohol has. Although there are low calories alcohols, most of them still promote weight gain. For example drinking beer can make you bloated, or drinking cocktails might make you consume high levels of sugar without realising it. 
Eating processed foods
One of the main reasons for you not losing weight can be consumption of processed foods. You may only be eating canned vegetables, etc. but processed foods have a low nutritional value. This reduces the level of nutrients you need to consume to lose weight. Furthermore, various processed foods are high in sugar and sodium, both of which can stop your body from burning fat. 
Chronic diseases 
If you are following all necessary steps towards losing weight and still are facing trouble losing it, there might be a reason. Various chronic diseases such as hormonal changes, PCOS, etc. can slow down your weight loss.
In conclusion, it is important to be mindful of what you put in your body and how much you workout. It is essential to pre-plan your routine and a list of do’s and don’t’s to ensure you lose weight smoothly. 
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