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Looking for inspirational quotes for work to help motivate you? There’s nothing wrong with looking to successful people and wanting to know the philosophies that got them there.
It might inspire you to work harder, take a break, or help you get up the next morning. It is important to feel inspired so you can not only give your best but feel your best as well.


Your work ethic may not be at its most stellar now, or you might want to improve it, but help is help. Some people go for a walk, some take a sabbatical, and others turn to motivational quotes for work. Whatever your way of coping, these inspiring quotes from inspiring people could help.
Inspirational quotes for your workspace
Your work environment will more or less affect your work performance. If you have a space where you can focus, relax, and be productive at the same time, you’ve found the trifecta of a good work environment.
Have you thought about putting up little notes of inspiration? It doesn’t have to be something grand. A Post-It of several inspirational quotes for work will do.
Wherever you feel uninspired, look up, to your right or left, and let those quick reminders wash over you. If you feel particularly demotivated, you can watch videos or speeches of your favorite role model and take down notes for yourself. It’s a quick way to destress and motivate you at the same time.
10 inspirational quotes for work


Many inspiring people have given many a great piece about success, love, hard work, persistence, and many other inspiring topics. It would take forever to list all of them down, but you might take inspiration from some of the most influential and motivational people in history.
Who are the most inspiring figures to motivate you for work?
The names listed above are undeniably some of the most notable names in human memory. They have inspired global changes, created unity, inspired so many brilliant minds, and shaped history.


Their success and popularity have become an inspiration to many uninspired common folks. They, too, were regular folks at one point in their lives but had the opportunity to be more.
Other figures who have also inspired many from the workforce are Karl Marx, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Princess Diana, Abraham Lincoln, Muhammad Ali, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Colin Powell, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, and many others.
They are authors, leaders, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, artists, and a dozen other personalities who always aim to inspire through the work they do.
Can inspiring quotes motivate you?
Words are a powerful tool. If you’re familiar with the saying that goes like, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me,” it might not entirely be accurate all of the time.
Words can inspire or demotivate someone, especially if they were in a certain state of mind. Can inspirational quotes make or break you? That depends entirely on you.
If you are easily influenced or inspired by others’ philosophy, reading or listening to their words may inspire you while working. It’s quite a common occurrence for many nowadays. Podcasts and radio channels find that motivating their audience gains more viewership. If you’re looking for inspirational quotes, start with someone you look up to.

Motivational Songs to Listen to
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In light of looking for inspirational quotes for work, perhaps the question isn’t whether the quote is inspiring or not in general.

Maybe the question is whether it invokes something in you. For example, Maya Angelou’s philosophy may inspire you. However, not your friend, just as Joseph Campbell may be their go-to for inspiration, whereas you don’t understand his philosophy.
Whatever inspires you, be it a quote or a whole book or a short video, it’s never wrong to look for it when times get tough.

Feeling uninspired is part of being human. You won’t always be a hundred percent ready every single day. However, perhaps some of these inspirational quotes for work can help you get your day started.
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